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Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Production Process In Ghana

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The article tells us the viability of the business. We see that
the demand for Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO), palm-kernel
Cake (PKC) and Palm Kernel Sludge (PKS) in the market is
very Huge, and as a matter of fact, the demand for it is all
year round plus the profit in this business is amazingly
We also see that due to the high demand of the products,
the buyers sometimes book for the products in advance.
Sometimes, buyers even pay in advance in order to secure
We won’t write further about the business as the article
referenced above is self explanatory.
However, We present
below the production process, machinery requirement and
an updated profitability analysis of the business.
Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Production
In summary, the production line involves reception of good
palm-kernel nuts, crushing the nuts with the nut-crusher,
heating the seeds with the seed fryer so as to excite the oil
molecules, and transferring the heated-crushed nuts to the
oil press.
The oil press presses the seeds, and expels the oil content
of the seeds through the oil exit chamber, and at the same
time expels the cake through the cake exit chamber.
The crude oil is collected in drums or over-head tanks and
left to settle. Since the sludge (sediments) is denser than
the oil, it settles below the oil.
The oil can then be collected
separately from the sludge.
Two to three persons can conveniently operate the
Below is a brief description of the machinery
1. Nut Crusher
»Function: Crushes the palm-kernel nuts and reduces it to
smaller sizes so as to ease the oil extraction process.
2. Electrical Seed-Fryer
»Function: Fries/roast the crushed nuts. This process heats
up the crushed nuts, thereby exciting the oil molecule
content of the nuts.
3. Oil-Press (2T/D)
»Function: Presses the heated nuts and expels the oil
content of the nuts via the oil exit chamber, while the cake
is collected via the cake exit
Note: If you sell your products at a bit lesser price, you will
generate much more sales and still make a reasonable
profit. If you are a good negotiator, you can get the nuts.
Palm kernel processing business is lucrative and the
market for the products is vast.
It even extends to the
international market. Get buyers, offer them good quality
products at competitive prices, and that’s it.
If you have much capital to process large quantity
continuously, visit Ghanaian export promotion council; they
will link you to exporters or international buyers.

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