Buhari To Commission Multi-Billion Naira Kabala To Barnawa Bridge In May

Buhari To Commission Multi-Billion Naira Kabala To Barnawa Bridge In May

Buhari To Commission Multi-Billion Naira Kabala To Barnawa Bridge In May

In May 2022, President Muhammadu Buhari is slated to officially commission the multibillion-naira Kabala/Barnawa bridge.

The bridge, which starts at Kabala Costain, is anticipated to connect that section of the state to Barnawa and other areas of the capital, alleviating traffic congestion and pressure on the famed Kaduna bridge.

The President had commissioned road improvements under the Kaduna State Government’s Urban Renewal Programme during his two-day business visit to Kaduna on January 20, 2022.

Habiba Buhari, the Managing Director of the Kaduna State Roads Agency (KADRA), said the bridge would link Kabala and Barnawa communities inside Kaduna city, while visiting the multi-billion naira bridge spanning River Kaduna over the weekend.

She added the bridge, which is being built by CCCE Ltd, a Chinese construction firm, is one of many projects that the President plans to commission in May or thereabouts.

According to her:

“We have launched about 89 beams so far, preparing to launch a final one.

“This is usually an exciting time for us. The quality of work has been consistently checked by the consultants.

“We also do our random checks. I think the quality is ok.

“The contractors are fast approaching their deadline for completion which I believe they will be able to deliver,” she said.

She did, however, guarantee that any homes impacted by the work would be included in the budget and compensated.

“The advantages of infrastructure is that the bar has been set so anybody coming in will simply have to continue from where we stopped,” she said, expressing hope that the current government would finish a significant number of projects before the end of its term.

She urged investors to take use of Kaduna State’s vast infrastructure to ease their operations and generate employment and money, all of which she believes are critical to the government’s success.

“The bridge is a dual carriageway and it is extremely essential since it passes across River Kaduna, linking Kabala Constain with Barnawa neighborhoods in Kaduna metropolitan,” said Ibrahim Makarfi, the project’s Team Leader, when explaining the bridge.

“The bridge was intended to handle typically authorized loads in the region of 30 tones plus the self-weight of the cars,” he says.

“This project is one of the presidential commissioning projects scheduled for May.”

“We’re working pretty hard to make sure it’s finished before then,” Makarfi added.

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