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How To Start A Fashion Designing Business In Ghana

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The Ghanaian fashion industry is a multi billion dollar industry.
Fashion design is a business in Ghana that has a record of high achievers, both past and present.
It is an industry that support and promote looking good, you can decide your profit in this business.
You can even decide if you want to go international with your fashion design business.
A fashion designer needs to be creative in designing clothes for customers.
As it is, the secret for success in fashion design business is creativity.
Fashion design business is a lucrative one that on small scale.
By investing in fashion design business small today, you can grow up to the level of high designers in the next few years.
The market is getting bigger and bigger as more people become fashion aware, meaning you could even Achieve more in this sector if you are creative and discover how to put your ideas into good use in fashion business.
A Fashion Designer is someone who designs fashionable clothes for individuals or groups of people.
As a fashion designer, you need to be fashionable and fashion conscious to be able to satisfy your customers.
To become a fashion designer, here are some of the steps you need to take.
Remember this article is aimed at giving you the business idea while you go out there to get your specialized training in fashion design.
Get Professional Training In Fashion Design
To be a successful fashion designer, you need to have the
deep knowledge about how to put pieces of cloths or pieces
of leaders together to make good fashion.
To learn this, you
must under go training in any fashion design institute.
Training period is usually between 6 months to 15 months.
Training enables you to know everything about designing
and sewing clothes as well as making other things because
fashion is much more than cloths.
You need to learn how to
run a sewing machine, how to cut cloth to fit and so on.
There are some specialized places in your locality where
you can get good training. We do not recommend places, just
ask people around you to direct you on where to get good
fashion design training.
Make sure you get your training
from professionals who understands modern fashion
Do not get trained by local fashion designers who
operate from local shops, go to fashion design institutes
where you could learn varieties of fashion design from
Get Your Startup Capital And Location Ready
You can start a fashion design business on
a very small scale but aim for something big if you can
afford it.
You need to invest in this wisely by getting a good
location, good tools and equipment. You also need to
employ very good support staff.
This will ensure quality in
your services.
Good location will also ensure that you have
access to well paying customers.
You need to rent a shop for the business . Renting a flat of
2-3 bedroom in good location will be most desirable.
location you should be looking at should be proximity to
the customers.
You should also consider your close
competition, if you have lots of close competitions in the
area where you rent your shop, you might end up having a
tight competition, so consider your close substitutes when
getting a good location.
Buy The Equipment For Fashion Design
Some of the equipment needed in small scale fashion
design business includes the following:
1. Tape Rule: The measuring tape is used to measure
accurate size. For example you will need to measure your
client’s waist size, hip size, full length and so on.
How to
measure your client accurately is part of what you will be
taught at the training institute.
2. Two Or Three Pairs of Scissors: This is used for cutting
3. Threads: You will need to buy different colors of thread,
the thread is mainly used with needles to sew clothes.
4. Needles: Needles are used with thread to sew clothes.
5. Chair: You need chairs for yourself and your customers
to sit on.
6. Table: You need table of different sizes for cutting clothe.
7. A Complete Set Of Sewing Machine: The sewing machine
is used to join pieces of clothes together.
8. A Weaving Machine: You need this machine to perfect
your sewing, this perfection makes your sewing very neat.
9. Embroidery Machine: An embroidery machine is used to
make designs on clothes.
10. Generator: A generator set of about 10 K.V.A to power
your equipment when there is power failure.

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