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How To Start A Fruit Salad Business In Ghana

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Our focus today will be on fruit business in Ghana.
Fruits play significant nutritional functions in the human body. They are important sources of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
Fruits also provide the body with nutritional supplements which are required for an effective body growth and development.
What is A Fruit: Meaning and Functions?
A Fruit is the sweet and fleshy product of a plant which
contains seed and can be eaten as food. Fruits are vital for
the body they supply the fundamental vitamins to the body.
Fresh fruits are low in calories and fats, they generally
contain a high volume of water.
Have you at any point considered taking fruit as a business?
Fruit business is an independent venture yet profitable
business, it doesn’t require a huge startup capital.
Fruits and Their Health Benefits
Fruits which has an abundance of various vitamins and
mineral has been proven to give a cushion against vitamin
deficiencies and infections and chronic diseases.
nutrients in fruit are essential to guard against
cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases, stroke and age-
related symptoms. Fruits are essential for the overall well-
being of the human body.
Many of the different types of fruit that abounds include;
mango, orange, pawpaw, banana, pineapple, cherry, pears,
watermelon, cucumber, apple and much more.
Here are the
medicinal and overall benefit of the popular types of fruits
that abound;
It has a sweet taste and a rich source of fibre. It is also an
excellent source of vitamin a, they also contain many
antioxidant properties that have been linked to preventing
cancer, ageing. They also help in controlling high blood
pressure due to their potassium content.
It is one of the widely consumed fruit in the world. It has a
high source of potassium which regulates fluid level in the
body, it is also rich in phosphorus which is good for brain
development. This fruit is also a perfect remedy for acid
This one also one of the popular and the most consumed
fruits in the world. It is a rich source of fibre and high
concentration of vitamin C. This delicious fruit contains
collagen useful for having more youthful skin.
Orange peels
help eliminates awful breath and gives you dependable new
This is another amazing fruit. It is rich in bromelain, which is
used for digesting protein. Pineapple also offers immune
support for the body and aids digestion.
Why You Should Start Fruit Business in Ghana Today
The market for fruits business is immense. This includes
Schools, eateries, inns, processing companies that produce
fruit juice, individuals and so on.
Fruit business is a
profitable business, it doesn’t require a huge startup capital.
However, doing a little bit of market research and survey is
essential for any individual who wishes to go into such a
Hot Spots To Make Money Selling Fruits
In Ghana
1. Roadside stands:
This is the most popular and the easiest method to sell and
display fruit wares. It requires little or no capital to setup and
it is the most accessible and cheapest means to get fruit
supplies by the consumers.
Stores can be in form of wooden structures, or even just a
piece of trays to display the fruit wares. This method of fruit
selling is found almost anywhere, from parks to roadsides,
streets etc..
The major drawback is the quality of the fruits as a result of
their long exposure to the sun. This makes them lose their
taste and flavour and turns them sour and eventually, the
fruit gets spoilt.
2. Grocery stores:
You can venture into fruit selling business by opening a
grocery store, that specializes in selling different varieties of
fruits and vegetables.
This is one of the most popular methods of fruit selling
business aside from the roadside selling system. It is more
modern and decent and you get your supplies fresh.
grocery store is very easy to setup and not quite capital
3. Fruit Processing companies:
This is another aspect of fruit business. This aspect is
capital intensive, whether you are supplying fruits to
processing companies or you want to process it by yourself.
The former requires a farm for setup, a farm in acres of land
will be okay for startup so as to maximize output on
Processing companies will demand fresh fruit and sometimes
will demand organically grown fruits, so the bulk of the work
is on the fruit farmer. The latter involves the farmer setting
up his own processing company to produce its own fruit
The yield here is massive because it will be a production
chain he will oversee by himself. This can be done on small
or large-scale, but either way, it is capital intensive.
4. Fruit Dinners:
This aspect is usually handled by a nutritionist. A fruit dinner
is like a pub, but here only fruit juices and vegetables are
Fruit dinners are usually set up in spa centres, gym centres,
parks, malls, and highbrow areas. They are moderately
capital intensive with good returns on investment.
How to Start Profitable Fruits Selling
Business in Ghana
Starting a grocery store does not involve much, but care
should be taken to put the following into consideration for a
successful grocery store.
1. Pick a Good Location
A good location determines the success of fruit selling
business. Proximity to certain strategic location should be
the number one priority. This is essential for you to hit a
goldmine in fruit selling business.
Locations such schools, parks, business districts, roadside
display and also gyms and recreation centres attract more
2. Set-Up Your Fruit Office, Shop Housing:
Not much work is needed to set up a grocery store housing.
Housing should be set up in form of a simple open
front kiosk. This can be constructed using woods or metal.
3. Brand and Package Your Fruit Very well:
Branding and packaging do not require much capital. A
grocery store owner will need branded disposables or
polyethene bags for packaging their goods for the customer.
Also, he will need tags to indicate prices of fruit according to
their sizes.
A grocery store owner should also make sure he gets a
refrigerator or an ice cooling box to store his fruits, so as to
keep them fresh.
As a fruit store owner, always endeavour to get your fresh
fruit supplies from a trusted farm that is organically grown
and make sure your fruits should be checked and sorted
properly before leaving the farm. This is done to ensure you
don’t buy sour or spoilt fruits from the farm.
How To Make More Money Selling
Fruits In Ghana
One way of making money from fruit Business in Ghana is to
venture into direct sales of fruits.
Alternatively, you can do
fruit related businesses and still make good money. You can
set up fruit sales stands.
You can go into the processing of fruit juice business. How
about teaching people how to cultivate fruit? Have you heard
of fruit meals? Lastly, but not least, you can Provide other
fruit extracts to customers.
There are so many ways to make
money from fruit business in Ghana.
Fruits selling on stands
Selling fruits in their natural unprocessed forms is a venture
on its own although depending on where you live this may
not be a lucrative venture.
In a rural area, for instance, where there is plenty of natural
vegetation, this business could suffer a setback – but not so
in the cities.
Selling fruits in middleclass neighbourhoods is
a good idea because patronage in these areas tends to be
consistent both in and out of season in a manner of speaking.
Processing juices
Sometimes processing fruit juices can also be a viable
business option. Some people are only interested in the fruit
juices and don’t want to go through the problem of sucking
out the raw juices themselves so the option of helping them
out by providing fresh fruit juices is a business idea that can
be explored. Here though one might need to have the right
tools for the trade.
Selling fruits as raw materials
Fruits can be also a source of raw materials to industries like
pharmaceutical companies. You can also sell to soap
making companies.
Others include fruit juice making
companies. You are bound to also get patronage from soft
drink companies even sometimes bakeries. One could
become a major supplier of fruits to this market and make
some cool money in the process.
Fruits Gardening
A budding entrepreneur with space to spare can set up a
fruits and vegetable garden and sell the produce to
neighbours, stores or other small-scale neighbourhood
stores or schools. Fruit business which is also a source of
In fact, you can take this aspect up as a part-time
thing. From here, you can make additional income.
Fruit meals
If you are a nutritionist or good caterer you can package fruit
salads and sale to pupils in schools, workers or at
This indeed is a great market potential.
Providing other fruit extracts to customers
Some fruit extracts such as barks and leave, the pills, etc.
can be processed to produce medicines and herbs. Several
herbal homes make use of a wide selection of fruits for this
Wishing You Success!!!

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