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How To Become A Recharge Card Distributor In Ghana

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How to Start As a recharge card
wholesale distributor:
Step 1. You do not need much for you to start
as a recharge card wholesale distributor. As we
have earlier explain or list to you the tools/kits
for recharge card printing business such as;
A4 paper
Now if you want to start recharge
card printing business in Ghana as
an wholesale distributor you need the following:
Computer, Printer and A4 paper, software and
List of Dealers.
After you have created a Business
name, you can how start placing order for pins.
But make sure that when ever you are making
payment to order for pins you must use your
business name as the depositors name so that
your dealer will know you and push your pins to
you through the software.
Your Dealers will explain to you how the
software works.
They will also teach you how to
push pins using a browsing mobile phone.

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