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What Kind Of Business Can I Start With Little Money In Ghana

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What kind of business in Ghana can one start with little capital? What business can I start with 100Ghc? These are major questions asked by Ghanaians, And this article will give answers to the questions.
There are so many businesses one can start with little capital like with 50Ghc,100Ghc, 200Ghc, 300Ghc and 500 Ghana Cedis in Ghana. Some of these businesses has been tested by investors and great entrepreneurs which actually worked for them. If you are a graduate, undergraduate, employed or unemployed very looking for a different stream of income, then you should concentrate more on the businesses which will be listed in this article.
Before we proceed with the main article, you should know that starting this business in Ghana does not require much capital, It majorly requires training and business plan. Business plan is very important after you must have the experience (training) of the business. It is very simple to get started and grow from small scale to large scale. If you get them right, you will see yourself earning six figures monthly.
(1) Liquid Soap Making Business: Making your own liquid soap and selling them is a profitable business in Ghana. You can start with as low as 200Ghc. Liquid soap making is a creative business you can turn into a successful venture. You need training, After the training, get your recipes, and prepare a quality liquid soap. Start marketing with friends & family, Go online through Instagram and Facebook, You must surely get interested buyers.
(2) Bead Making: Do you know that bead making business has grown to worth $2 billion dollar worldwide. Bead making requires creativity, And for you to be creative in bead making, You have to undergo training, then buy your beading tools like chain nose pliers, scissors, wire cutters, bead mat, spring clamps, beading needles, tweezers, crimp tools etc.
(3) Website Designing: If you have experience and skills in website design, coding and internet related marketing’s, then consider starting this business. The demand for web design services are very high in Ghana, But before you get started you need to do a very good research and map out plans for your website design business. You can make your business legal by applying for license and getting registered. And don’t forget to market your website design business, because that’s the only way to grow you business and get more clients & prospects. That’s why is very important to have a good marketing Plan before getting started.
(4) Footwear Business: If you are interested in footwear and looking for an opportunity in retail sales, then you should consider starting a footwear business. Footwear business requires little start-up capital unlike any other business. The minimum capital for this business is 200 Ghana Cedis. When starting, you need to choose your niche for example: whether women’s wear, children’s wear, babies wear, men’s wear or combination.
(5) Blogging: Blogging is a lucrative business in Ghana, although majority of beginners get it wrong when starting. Note that Blogging is not for everyone but for those that enjoys writing and giving quality information. You can make money Blogging, but it requires commitment with passion for it.
(6) Making Of Business Card: Making of business card can be start from home, office and anywhere. This business is very profitable and one of the businesses that can be started with little capital in Ghana. Create awareness and have a website, which will be an added advantage in marketing your services.
(7) Bakery: Many individuals have passion for baking, even though starting this business requires lots of tasks, but if you get it right you will know that this business is lucrative venture. You can start a bakery from home. The profits you make depends on how much you charged the buyers. Have a business plan and marketing plan before starting this business.
(8) Perfume Production: If you enjoy creating a home-spa or have passion in it, why not consider starting a business in producing perfumes. You can get started with little capital & the profit margins is very awesome. You need training and and the ability to do good research. You can also have a promotional tools like brochure, catalogue, website etc. This helps in marketing your products.
(9) Popcorn Business: Popcorn is a lucrative business in Ghana you can start with little capital And you can make 2000Ghc to 5000Ghc monthly on a small scale start up. Popcorn are selling faster in Ghana. Materials for popcorn production are not costly. Almost everyone loves popcorn both small kids and adults. You will need good training, planning & a good marketing strategies. After that, you get your Equipments then Get started!!!
(10) Graphic Designing: Graphic designing is a craft of using colour and images (visuals) to create designs. The designs may include: Ads, website design, brochures, cards etc. A small scale graphic designing may cost you 1000Ghc to get started, though it depends on how you want to run it ( it may be higher or lower). Before you start this business you need to have a great business plan. You Business Plan is your steps for success. Graphic designing business can also work together with Website Designing business.
Listed above are the kinds of business you can start with little capital. Our advise is for you to carry out a good research on any business you wish to start, This will help you get more information about the business & also aid in creating a good business plan.

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