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15+ Best Agricultural Business Ideas And Opportunities In Ghana

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What are the best agricultural business ideas and opportunities in Ghana? What are the most profitable business in agriculture for Ghanaian’s? Do you want to start an agriculture business in Ghana? Are you an investor, entrepreneur or Ghanaian looking for agricultural business ideas and opportunities to invest your money? This write-up will give the best details.
Agriculture is the most profitable business in Ghana and it contributes to the countries economy. If there is no agriculture in Ghana and most African countries, Serious problem will arise and the economy will be very poor.
Agriculture is no longer a poor man’s business as taken before. It is now creating millionaires and employment opportunities in Ghana and other African countries. Long are the days when farming is seen as low or family business (subsistence farming), But nowadays, Agriculture has been embraced and taken as a serious business. Farming are done commercially, Medium scale, Even small scale farming is also good for small starter.
Agriculture involves the cultivation of crops and rearing of animal’s. Three thing makes up agriculture, they are: crop cultivation, rearing of animals (Livestock farming) and Agro processing & Agro allied services.
Starting an Agricultural business in Ghana isn’t that hard if you are well ready and prepared. There are lots of agriculture business ideas and opportunities in Ghana. As you read through, you will get to know them.
15+ Agriculture Business Ideas And Opportunities In Ghana
1. Cucumber Farming
Cucumber is a vegetable which is worldwide consumed and have lots of health benefits.
This is one of the profitable farming that can yield good result if done well. Cucumber are consumed very well in Ghana and it is very high in Demand which will give a Go ahead signal. This business should not be taken as jokes because if taken serious you will see your investments multiplying.
2. Turkey Farming
Many farmers are into commercial turkey farming in Ghana. Although it requires huge investment but it has a ROI (Return Of Investment). Before you venture into turkey farming you have to consider your choice of breeds, and this business requires a careful and proper planning.
3. Plantain Farming
Plantain Farming is one of the best agricultural business ideas and opportunities in Ghana. This type of farming have more profit potentials than other farming’s. It is very much possible to start a plantain farm on a plot of land. You can start with little capital. All you got to do is: land preparation, buying of plantain suckers which you will plant, weeding, clearing and harvesting. Ghanaian’s don’t joke with plantains.
4. Quail Farming
Quail farming is a part of poultry farming which involves the rearing quail birds and for the purpose of egg & meat production. Quail farming is a very lucrative Agriculture in Ghana, It requires low investment, the risks are very minor to compare with other livestock farming And it have a high return of investment. Do a very good market research before venturing into this business.
5. Mushroom Farming
Mushroom farming is one of the farming business that requires low investment (Is not capital intensive) and the requirements are very simple. People are really making money from this venture because the demand is high in markets. You can decide to start small scale, medium scale or large scale.
6. Poultry Farming
Poultry Farming is the most profitable and popular Agriculture business one can start in Ghana. The demand for chickens and eggs are very high which makes this business the best. It requires a very good market research and a good business plan.
7. Rice Farming
If you are looking for an agriculture business to invest your money, You should consider rice business. There is a great demand and huge opportunities for Ghanaian’s, investors and entrepreneurs on Rice farming business opportunities.
8. Goat Farming
Goat farming involves rearing of different breeds of goats for various purposes like: Goat meat, dairy production etc. Goat farming business is very lucrative as it is widely consumed in Ghana.
9.Watermelon Farming
Lists of Agricultural investment opportunities in Ghana will not be complete without Watermelon farming. Watermelon has lots of benefits and uses. Watermelon production is one of the best crop cultivations, it should also be considered when planning to start an agriculture business.
10. Fish Farming
Thousands of Ghanaian’s venture into agriculture yearly, and out of 100%, 30% invest in fish farming. The demand of catfish, tilapia and salmon is very high in Ghana. This is a lucrative venture.
11. Oil Palm Plantation
Oil Palm Tree Plantation is the most profitable plantation in Ghana and other African countries. Every part of it is useful and majority of food are been cooked with palm oil. That is why Oil Palm Plantation is a great agriculture business idea.
12. Pig Farming
Pig farming business is also known as piggery. Pig farming is expanding very fast in Ghana and pig meat is very high in demand. Pig can give birth to 5-26 piglets, that’s big cash!!!
13. Maize Farming
Maize farming is thought to be nonprofitable. Maize farming is very profitable and it should be done commercially for profit. It also requires a careful and detailed planning to avoid great loss because Maize crops needs proper care.
14. Animal Feed Production
This business is capital intensive but irrespective of that, It is very profitable and lucrative. Poultry Needs feed, Fish Needs Feed, Quails Needs feed and other livestock’s needs feed. That is why Animal feed production is a great agricultural business. Invest now!!!
15. Cassava Production
Cassava products are use on a daily basis and consumed by 90% of households in Ghana. So if you are looking for agricultural business idea, then cassava farming will be our suggestion.
Other Agriculture Business Ideas And Opportunities In Ghana:
16. Grass cutter Farming
17. Snail Farming
18. Pawpaw Farming
19. Pepper Farming
20. Sheep Farming
21. Rabbit Farming
22. Vegetable Farming
23. Cocoa Farming
24. Yam Farming
25. Tomato Farming etc
Problems And Challenges Of Agriculture In Ghana:
Despite all the benefits And profitable agricultural business, there are also some problems of Agriculture in Ghana: They are:
1. Inadequate land or land tenure system.
2. Inadequate finance or credit facilities.
3. Poor transport Network.
4. Inadequate storage and processing facilities.
5. Inadequate farm input.
6. Inadequate basic amenities.
7. Poor marketing system.
8. Inadequate Agricultural education and extension.
9. Problems of pests and diseases.
10. Unpredictable Climate.
11. Inadequate tools and machinery.
12. Inconsistent government policies on Agriculture.
13. Environmental degradation.
14. Rural-Urban migration.
15. Lack of information.
Solution To The Problems Of Agricultural Development In Ghana
1) Provision of good roads, hospitals, electricity, good pipe borne water and cinema houses will discourage rural-urban migration.
2) Farmers should form co-operative society to grant loan and subsidies to members.
3) Banks should be more liberal in some of the terns for the granting of loans. Loans should also be monitored by banks so as to prevent diversion onto unproductive sector.
4) Construction of good roads, provision of vehicles and the establishment and functioning communication network.
5) Storage and processing facilities like cribs, barns, shelter, millers, graters etc should be provided to farmers.
6) Farmers should be trained by the extension agents on the most recent Agricultural technology.
Importance Of Agriculture Business In Ghana:
The importance of agriculture in Ghana are:
i. Provision of materials for clothing.
ii. Provision of food.
iii. Provision of material for shelter.
iv. Employment for the working population.
v. Generation of income for farmers.
vi. Development of towns.
vii. Provision of facilities for recreation and tourism.
viii. Source of foreign exchange earnings.
ix. Provision of markets for industrial goods.
x. Generation of revenue.
xi. Provision of raw materials for industries.
How To Start An Agriculture Business In Ghana – Agriculture Business Plan In Ghana:
Agriculture is the most popular venture in Ghana, We have mentioned the agricultural investment opportunities in Ghana, problems and challenges of agricultural business. Now we will give details on how to start an agricultural business in Ghana:
1. Good Research
Before venturing into Agriculture, you need to do proper research. A Good investigation will give you proper knowledge on what you are going into. You will also make a market research, know the challenges and problems involves and possible ways you can make a difference.
2. Choosing Your Niche (Crop cultivation, Livestock Farming Or Agro Processing & Agro Allied services)
After your market research, We believe you will come up with a Farming Idea, whether it falls on Crop cultivation or Livestock farming. Now that you have choose an agriculture opportunity you are interested in, The next will be Business Plan.
3. Good Business Plan
The business plan will give you a clear vision on the agricultural business you have choose. You will get to know the requirements and cost of starting the business, Marketing cost, Transportation cost, Expenses etc. That’s why you need a Good business plan.
4. Proper Training
You can’t just start business anyhow, You must pass through Training and Orientation. This is very important.
5. Purchase A Land
Now buy a land for your Agribusiness, Let it be environmental friendly to your business. If possible establish water supply for your crops or livestock.
6. Business Registration
This step should be done to avoid embarrassment or harassment from Anybody. Get license and enjoy your business. It can gain you benefits from Governmental and Nongovernmental Organization.
7. Farm Equipments
Purchase Your Farm tools as required, Make sure all the farm accessories are ready, for this is the steps that will show how serious you are. Hire labors who will assist in crop cultivation or livestock farming, You can’t handle it alone. Teamwork makes the Work Easier.
In conclusion, Agricultural Investment opportunities in Ghana is all about taking risk. That’s why you need a Good and strong business plan. We believe this writeup will guide you on everything you need to know on Agricultural business ideas and opportunities in Ghana and how to get started.

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