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How To Start A Greenhouse Farming In Ghana

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Do you want to start your own business? Greenhouse farming in Ghana can be your option! If growing plants makes you happy, then you should try greenhouse farming. This type of business will help you to create a stable income. So, if your answer to a stable business is YES, then read this guide to set up greenhouse farming!
Getting started a greenhouse farming
The first thing you need to think of is how much space you need for growing plants. Do not forget that greenhouse farming is a long term investment. It means that you should select the place large enough while considering the years to come.
A lot of people who had started greenhouse farming in Ghana wished they had selected a much larger space. If you’ve decided to cultivate vegetables, then you need to know that they need plenty of room and maximum light.
The cost of greenhouse farming kits completely relies on you. If you are good with tools. You can even build your own handmade greenhouse equipment. There are various greenhouse techniques you might like to use. Let’s take a look at the two most popular!
– Attached greenhouse. It’s a lean-to greenhouse. One of the advantages of this style is that there is no need to build all four walls. You just need one sturdy wall to create a successful greenhouse structure. These structures are less expensive. They are good for growing vegetables, seedlings and herbs. Still, you should understand that the sunlight will only be delivered to the three sides.
– Freestanding greenhouse farming. This type of farming will allow you to place a greenhouse structure whenever you want. Contrary to attached greenhouse, due to the freestanding style of farming you can receive sunlight from all four sides. It provides you a lower cost for the planting. Still, Freestanding greenhouses are more expensive.
Freestanding greenhouses can be found in all areas of Ghana. They can give you a start for your greenhouse farming business. Freestanding greenhouses can also help you to create a piece of solitude away from your home. It’s a place where you can unite together with your plants.
Glazing in greenhouse farming
Glazing is the cover of your greenhouse. It’s needed to let sunlight and warmth in and plants’ unhealthy elements out. Let’s take a look at the most useful choices for greenhouse farming technology!
– Glass is considered to be the best glazing material for greenhouses. Still, it’s the most expensive material.
– Plastic material is the most popular for glazing in Ghana. It’s very cheap, but it has its disadvantages. The main con of plastic material is quick deterioration. Do not expect that plastic material will serve you for long.

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– Poly carbonate is a silver lining between glass and plastic materials. It’s less expensive than glass and even retains heat better than glass. It also transmits light better than plastic and glass.
Choose your glazing option according to the budget of your greenhouse venture. Do not forget that the cheap option is not always the best.
Site selection for greenhouse
If you want to use your greenhouse, then you need to set it up so it is close to your home. Do not forget about access to electricity and water. Sometimes it’s better to build a greenhouse close to water resources.
You should find the area which gets maximum sunlight. You need to orient your greenhouse from East to West.
It will give your plants maximum sunlight during a day. If you do not have the area with enough sun, then you can use grow lights. Try to set up a greenhouse that is not too close to trees. The overgrown shadow of the trees may not be the best option for your plants. Your greenhouse can be placed on any surface. Still, do not forget about adequate drainage system.
Accessories for greenhouse farming In Ghana
There are a lot of accessories which you can use for the inner space of your greenhouse. It really depends on your budget. You can add a mist system, a tool rack or a heating system. Consider what you really need for your greenhouse. Do not forget that the accessories shouldn’t be problematic to maintain. If you don’t have enough space, then think about enlarging it or forget about accessories.
Environmental control for greenhouse farming
– Heating. Ghana’s climate allows plants to stay warm and healthy all year long. Still, during the rainy seasons the nights may become cold. Even if you don’t need a heating system – think about cheap substitutes for it. For example, you can place rocks or water barrels inside your greenhouse. It will help you to catch the sunlight heat.
– Ventilation system. This system is needed for greenhouse farming in Ghana. You need to monitor the temperature in your greenhouses.
– Shading system. This system is crucial for plants in your greenhouses. Too much direct sunlight can burn the plants. You can choose various greenhouse farming techniques for shading, like vinyl plating shading, aluminum roll-up screens or polypropylene shade cloth.
– Pests. You should always keep the tools in the garden clean. Pests can destroy your plants if they act in a close environment.
Do not forget to check plants before you take them into your greenhouse. You should be sure if they are disease-free and contain no bugs.
Greenhouse farming is very profitable and lucrative in Ghana… You need to get started now!!!

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