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How To Start A Pharmacy (Drugstore) Business In Ghana

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Ghana is a great land of opportunity for business people,
whatever sector they may be.

There is a market for almost
anything you can think of.

Knowing this, be confident that
whatever business you start, nurtured well, will bloom into
something beautiful, and of course profitable.

Pharmacy business in Ghana is certainly one of those businesses.

Today We will tell you how turning your sights to
pharmaceuticals can make you smile every time you see
the figures in your bank account.

Pharmacy business also know as chemist shop in Ghana is a multi billion dollar business opportunity.

Why Start a Drug Store/pharmacy ?

Sometimes We wonder how so many people fit into such a small looking country.

Ghana has quite a large population, and sadly a corresponding large number of sick people.

How often do you hear the words “I have a cold”, or “I have
a headache”, or “its malaria”? These are a few very minor
examples but thankfully when it comes to pharmaceuticals
as a business, the more sick people the better.

Frankly speaking though, in Ghana, pharmacies are some
of the most visited places, because there are always people
in ill health.

Those people need medication and we are sure you know that where there is a need, there is business.

Follow these steps and you’ll start a business that’s
profitable not only to you but to the community too.

Types of Pharmacies in Ghana

The healthcare available to most citizens in Ghana is below par at best. Most people simply cannot afford good healthcare.

This heralds the current situation, in which people take their troubles to the government run hospitals, where healthcare is more affordable.

When they’re there, those who need medication are given
prescriptions, and are usually directed to the

(i) hospital pharmacies, where often the case is that the medication they need is not in stock!! Then patients are referred to nearby.

(ii) retail/community pharmacies, where they find the drugs they need.

This article will instruct you on how to start a community pharmacy.

Step 1 – Register your business

You can open up shop, buy drugs and start selling them, but that would most likely end with you in a cell because there are rules guiding the sale of drugs, implemented by the Pharmaceutical Council of Ghana (PCG). So, register with the PCG.

The list of their requirements is available on their website, here
You also have to register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

You can do this yourself but it is advisable to go through a lawyer.

We must mention that according to PCG requirements, there has to be a Pharmacist present to start and direct the pharmacy.

If you are one, then that’s covered. If not you could partner with one, or hire one. All in all, make sure that you have a qualified pharmacist.

Step 2 – Research your Pharmacy Niche

a. Should you build a pharmacy from scratch?

b. Should you buy an already existing pharmacy

c. Should you start with a franchise?

B and C both have the benefit of an already established customer base.

With C , the name/brand is already known, so there is a
customer base already established, people will visit
because they already know the brand.

You’ll have to make an agreement with the brand owner and stick to the directives of the agreement.

Make sure you pick a good, profitable pharmacy to franchise with.

B could cost the most depending on the state of the business you’re buying.

Regardless, you can retain all the same customers, with a business that’s already making

Similar to C , no PCN registration needed. You could
even retain employees who already work there.

With A , You have the opportunity to build the business from the ground up.

Starting this way could take the least time to set up and possibly the least capital.

Find out all your options before you make a choice.

Step 3 – Choose the Right Location

As part of the requirements, The PCG will carry out an
inspection of your location and decide whether it is suitable
for operation.

Finding the right location is extremely important for your business.

You have to do proper research into this. Being near a large hospital is usually a good option, patients who need drugs will come to you.

Or you could be located in a residential area, or a business

Where should you set up ?

Wherever you set up, you must be easily visible, your business should be in broad view of passers-by, so people will notice the store.

This is crucial for a startup.

Find out if;

– There are other thriving businesses nearby. If there are
then it’s likely that the area is good for business.

Nearby offices will also provide a potential source of customers.

– There are other pharmacies nearby. Large established
pharmacies will likely pose a lot of competition to you.

But with better customer service and services provided, such an
obstacle can be overcome.

The building

Your focus should be maximizing the use of space.

A structure that’s easy for your customers to move around,
and attractive too.

Ensure that there is room for parking outside the pharmacy.

All decisions made should be
centred around ease of access and ease of use for customers.

Step 4 – Items you Need to Buy Purchase all equipment needed

Depending on the size, all
or some of these may be needed;

– Shelves

– Computers

– Cash register

– Phones

– Chairs

Arrange the store in a way that is easy to maneuver, and
convenient to use.

Keep clutter away, make sure everything is always neat and organized.

Step 5 – Stock up Drugs of Different Brands

This is very important.
So it’s best to work with a
reputable, reliable supplier, who’ll supply you with drugs
that carry no question marks.

You must be known for quality products and customer service.

You also have to ensure that the supply is regular, so you’re never out of drugs that customers need.
This is also crucial to your success.

The people you employ must be credible, qualified and trustworthy.

If you’re a pharmacist, you may not need to employ one, but you will need someone to stand in for you on days when you may not be around.

Depending on the size of your pharmacy, you may need some or all of these;

– A pharmacist

– An accountant

– A cashier

– A stock worker

– A manager

– A security guard

It is important that you make it clear to your employees that
keeping your customers happy is the top priority.

Stock workers should keep track of the amount of drugs remaining, reload the shelves and keep them neat and organized.

Ensure to keep good records.
Everything should always tally.

Step 7 – Start Marketing

Market your pharmacy before it even opens.

Implementing good marketing and advertising strategies is important to success.

You can partner with doctors in the area, so that they will refer their patients to you.

Step 8 – Look for Additional Funding

This is really one of the first steps to take.

If you’re not funding the business yourself, then you will have to raise the capital.

You could take a loan from the bank, from friends and family. Or you could seek out investors.

Whichever routes you choose, one of the key things to successfully raising the money is a concrete business plan.

Banks and investors will be willing to invest knowing what
they stand to gain from doing business with you.

So, develop an Ironclad business plan,
and you’ll open doors to
achieving your goals.

There it is. With this, you should have sufficient knowledge
on how to start a pharmacy in Ghana.

All you have to do now, is go out there and put this knowledge to good use.

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