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How To Start A Mango Farming Business In Ghana

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There is no need to worry much when going into the business of mango farming because it can grow well under various soil conditions, and isn’t affected much by the Ghanaian climate as it grows well throughout the country.
Mango farming business in Ghana is lucrative because it is not only consumed
through eating but can be used also in the
production of mango juice, drinks and others things.
Below are the guidelines on the essential things you must know or do before starting a mango business:
• Know the variety of mango you want to go for, in Ghana, we have the Alphonso mango (known as the sweet mango), Benue Mangoes, Lip pens mango, German Mango, the popular Kerosene mango and so much more, and each have their own peak seasons in terms of availability.
So it is always better to know which one you will like to go for, or you can combine as many types as you want but that is the
first decision you have to make before engaging in other things.
• Find a suitable location with a good and suitable soil, in as much as mangoes can grow in various soil varieties, the best soil for it is always the loamy soil. Because it requires a soil type that can retain water and as well drain them slowly.
• The land is best prepared by deep ploughing, levelling as well as creating slops which will enable good drainage. Plant the mangoes at the right time but after you must have prepared your farm.
While doing this, space them out well in order to receive enough air and sunlight for proper growth.
• Have knowledge of how mangoes are grafted because it is easier for a grafted mango tree to produce fruit and being managed than when it is produced as a seedling tree, the latter is okay for those who practice subsistence agriculture.
But in the case you want to plant directly by using the mango seed, you can first of all plant it in a nursery and allow it to germinate about 2- 3 weeks, and then transplant it in a permanent location.
• Pruning a mango tree is necessary because this allows the branches to form well since the branches are where the fruits will develop.
Therefore this helps the trees to have a normal form with not too long, not too short branches and will remove branches that cross each other or grow back towards the tree as well.
• Pest also affect mango especially at their tender stage therefore, it is necessary you prevent this using the right pest control to reduce or effectively eradicate such pest which might negatively affect the growth and development of the fruit.
Mangoes are one of such fruits that produce fruits over a course of 3 – 5years, and in this case, you can practice inter cropping with other fruits and vegetable which can be providing you with adequate money till the mango trees start bearing enough fruits.
Mango Farming In Ghana is Very Profitable, Follow The Steps Above To Get Started.

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