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How Walnut Farming In Ghana Creates Millionaires

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God looked down on the Earth he created and said “I need a Caretaker for this world I have made” and so, God made a farmer.
This saying is credited to Paul Harvey and stresses the importance of agriculture to man. There are boundless potentials in agriculture.
Therefore information is necessary in order to fully exploit these potentials.
The good thing about farming is that you can choose any of its numerous specialties.
You may choose any of livestock farming, plantation, crop cultivation also known as arable farming or mixed farming.
Mixed farming combines all or some of the above mentioned types. However our focus is on Walnut farming and how you can commercialize it.
What Exactly Are Walnuts?
Before we go any further, we need to have an idea of what we are talking.
Walnuts are edible, rounded and delicious seeds enclosed in hard husks which grow on Walnut trees.
Apart from being delicious and edible, it also contains high nutritional value.
These includes essential fatty acids, a good amount of proteins, vitamins, essential minerals and carbohydrates.
Other nutritional contents of these seeds include Omega 3-fatty acids which are known to increase brain performance. There are several health benefits of this seed.
Some of these include the improvement of metabolism, prevention of cancer, and increasing bone health among others.
How Walnuts Grow
Walnuts are not crops which can be grown all cultivated annually.
They grow on trees and take time before they mature and are ready to produce fruit. Walnut trees bear such fruits in hard husks.
The shell or husk is hard. This requires pressure to break open the seeds.
According to a saying, “Good things take time.” The same applies to Walnut farming. Trees do not just grow in a year.
Before a tree is mature enough to bear fruit, it can take years. Therefore Walnut farming is long term. Once it starts fruiting, you can expect a harvest every year.
Hence Walnut farming requires a great deal of patience.
Planting Your Walnut Trees
Because our focus is on how Walnut farming can make you a millionaire, you need do so on a commercial scale.
Commercial Walnut farming requires having enough space. There is no specific size for a Walnut plantation.
However the site of your plantation should be such that will contain enough trees.
Of course these trees will require adequate spacing to allow for proper exposure to sunlight.
A suggested spacing will be a 12 x 12 grid spacing. This will require further thinning as the trees grow and blossom.
Because it is a long term investment, you need to properly care for your trees if you wish to realise significant results.
An Opportunity to Earn Double Income
Walnut farming offers you the opportunity to earn double income.
Apart from its seeds which are primarily targeted, timber from spent trees are used for furniture.
The black Walnut tree is often referred to as a legacy tree. This is so because it takes a significant amount of time before reaching an ideal logging size.
This is usually 30 years. Therefore you earn from its fruits and also from using it as timber.
Walnut farming is a long term investment. It does not require having sophisticated investment skills. You simply need to have the desire and follow through with it.
The Rising Profile of Walnut Farming
Walnut farming has seen a significant increase globally. This is due to its rising importance both for its fruit and its quality timber.
Countries with the highest Walnut production include China, Iran, USA, Turkey, Mexico, Ukraine, India, Chile, France, and Romania among others.
The best part of Walnut farming is that it can be done part time. This ensures you have enough time to pursue other equally important things.
Land is a primary requirement for starting this business. Due to our focus on commercial benefits of Walnut farming, your land should be sizable enough. We cannot state an exact size of land for this venture.
However, your minimum land requirement should start from an acre.
Production Capacity and Profit Potential
Commercial Walnut farming requires having knowledge of output per acre. Ideally an acre should contain a 100 trees. This allows for even spacing and maximum yield.
So what is the production capacity of an acre of Walnut plantation? An acre of Walnut plantation produces up to 6,000 pounds of nuts!
Black Walnut logs are priced for its quality veneer timber. Growing Walnut trees for its timber requires a longer waiting time. 30 years is the ideal waiting time before harvest.
The profit potential is massive! For timber alone, a matured tree can fetch over $20,000 to $25,000. This is the international market valuation.
This shows the impressive profit potential inherent in Walnut farming.
As discussed, how profitable your Walnut farming business becomes depends on your dedication and commitment.
Adequate funding is necessary for starting this business. Especially in its early stages.

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