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How To Start A Profitable Livestock Farming In Ghana

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In Ghana , livestock farming is most times combined with crop production, and in some cases farmers do specialize in livestock farming only, which will give them the opportunity to focus or major on one or as many types of livestock animals as possible, these animals involves pigs, goats, rabbits, cows, grass cutters, sheep and more.
Livestock farming Business is in great demand because of its meat which is nutritious to the health as well as other products, in as much as it is quite lucrative it can be tasking as well, therefore, it is advised to properly look into it and know which one option is best for you and can be quite lucrative if you engage in it.
For example, rearing pig where most of the population around your farm vicinity or in your locality prefer goat will not yield much in the business.
Therefore, before starting livestock farming Business In Ghana And Africa, it is advised to put the below tips into consideration for a better outcome.
• Know your purpose of wanting to go into such livestock farming business, because this will give you an idea of want you want and how you want it.
For example, if your purpose is to have not just animals for meat but also for dairy purposes, skin and hides, cattle or goat can be the best option in this. Knowing your purpose helps you define what you want.
• Depending on how extensive or intensive the livestock farm business is going to be will help you make the right choice in securing a sizable and
comfortable area. This is necessary because the land areas for the rearing of cattle is not the same for those who will like to get into rabbit or grasscutter farming, as the later will be requiring a small land area.
In the case of extensive livestock farms, getting a location in the rural areas or suburban (inner suburbs) is better because it will cheaper and sizeable as well.
• Check if the location is easily accessible by transport too, though this may not be a major concern, make sure the road is not too bad that it won’t serve a major issue in you transporting your livestock to the markets.
• Food is essential in livestock farming, and considering how much they eat when compared with poultry, it is best advice you start your own grass planting if you are into cattle, sheep, goat, and grasscutters farming in order to minimize cost which might be incurred in the procurement of food and other supplements since they feed on grass.
• Make sure that all the necessary things and equipment the livestock need to survive are being considered as well from their watering and feeding equipment to livestock shed and more.
• When going into livestock commercial farming, try to register the business with the suitable professional bodies such as Corporate Affairs Commission which can be of help in the long run, and advertise it as well for publicity.
In Ghana and in other parts of the world, livestock farmers might be faced with some challenges but it is also promising to know that this kind of farming is in high demand because of the meat and dairy products.
So while these guidelines are being put into consideration, know that it may not yield profit sooner like poultry but it is lucrative in the long run.

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