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How To Start A Car Wash Business (Car Wash Business Plan)

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Are you interested in starting a car wash business? Do you need the best guide on car wash business? On this article, you will find out how to start your own car wash business.
One of the businesses thriving well in big cities nowadays is car washing business. And the good thing about it is, it does not require huge capital to start but its lucrative.
Car owners don’t like driving their cars dirty they always look for where to wash them, so the patronage is all year round.
So we’ll be discussing how to start a car washing business. We’re out to help you see what’s needed to start and run a successful car washing business.
Starting A Car Wash Business (Car Wash Business Plan)
This will largely depend on the standard of your washing centre. The area of land you want to get and the machines you want to buy.
In any case, you can start with what your capital can acquire then upgrade to a higher standard in the future.
The need to get an open location where people with cars can easily see is not hard to understand. The business is for car owners, so it should be situated in a busy area where people with cars can easily locate and come for the service.
Most car washing centre have their own tanks and boreholes. If you don’t have an alternative source of water you should consider setting up this.
Water in this business is very important so you should try as much as possible to get a reliable source of water where you can access it anytime you want it.
This is what modern car washing centres use. Though the prices of these pressure washers are on the high side you can go for the one you can afford at the time.
This tool makes the work easy to do and cleans the car better than what hands will do.
You need to buy other things like brush, bucket and towel.
To make things comfortable for your customers, you need to provide where your customers will wait while their cars are been washed. It could be a shade or where to sit and get some drinks while watching television. And also you will need where to keep the tools at the end of the day.
Car Wash Business Equipments And Machines
The car wash business is a nice business which is known for making quick cash for its owners. If you considering on starting a car washing business, this article will help you to start because we have made a list of the top 10 car wash machines and equipment which you should have in your car wash garage.
Before starting a car wash business, it is pertinent for you to have knowledge of the equipment, tools and machines which will help you to run your business effectively. A car wash is a big business and is very profitable if handled well by the owner. This is because road transport is the most common medium of transport and with a lot of car owners, commercial drivers, corporate drivers and transport vehicles on the road, there is a need for such vehicles to be clean and neat.
Most car owners have no time to wash the outside and interior areas of the car and that is why they rely on car wash centres to wash their vehicles.
The following are car wash business equipment, machines and tools;
1) 60 litres Car shampoo
2) 450 ml Car polisher/shine
3) Scratch remover ultra hi-gloss finish
4) 15 litres Tire black
5) 15 litres Car wax liquid wax hi-gloss finish
6) Sponge (for washing cars)
7) All-purpose rags (Multi-purpose rag for washing cars)
8) Buckets
9) Brush (for brushing hard places like car tyres)
10) Water drums (for storing water)
10) 12-step ladder
11) 1 Pressure washer
12) 1 Vacuum cleaner with blower,
Also, it is imperative that you should know that you wouldn’t be able to do the washing business alone. If you are able to get 3 cars to wash in every hour, it would be difficult for you to cope and see that you finish the washing jobs on time.
You should be prepared to spend money on labour. As your car washing business grows and expands, you will need to get the services of people to assist you in your car washing business.
In conclusion, you a should bear in mind that this is just a guide of the basic tools, equipment and machines for your car wash business. You may or may not even need the all equipment mentioned in this article; it all depends on the scope and size of your car wash business.
Lastly, you might also need to get permission from the authority to ensure a seamless operation when you start your car wash business.

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