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How To Start A Cooking Gas Business In Ghana

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It is good news that more Ghanaians are beginning to use cooking gas for various domestic cooking purposes.
That will help decrease the problems of deforestation and help conserve our natural forests and prevent potential disasters that is inherent with desert encroachment such as erosion.
Apart from the environmental benefits, the increase number of people especially in urban areas who are using cooking gas has created good business opportunity for smart entrepreneurs who can now trade on cooking gas and cooking gas equipments to make good profits.
Cooking gas business is very profitable and you don’t have to break the bank before you can start.
And this is a big business that anyone who is into it can be proud of.
The Potential Risks in Cooking Gas
Every business has it’s peculiar setback and the biggest
risk in cooking gas business is fire explosion which is very
common due to the high inflammable nature of liquified
natural gas.
That isn’t much problem though since it can
easily be mitigated or even avoided.
To be able to curtail this, you need to be alert at all times to
detect when there is leakage in those cylinders as leakages
is one of the major cause of fire and explosion.
You also
need to buy good fire extinguisher that can be very handy in
time of minor fire outbreak.
Another risk in the business is government regulation.
Should government decide to increase the price of LPG
today, some consumers may find it difficult to take and
have to go back to using kerosene or firewood.
If that
happens, you loose some customers and your sales will
However, government is always trying to reduce the price of
cooking gas in other to encourage the usage and
discourage deforestation.
Now that you are aware of the risks in the business and you
think it is what you can handle, how do you get to start this
business and what are the things you need to have or put in
place? Let’s proceed to answer these questions –
What You Need To Start Cooking Gas
Startup Capital
You can start conveniently with 20 cylinders, get
you a shop, and buy the initial products.
The cost of shop in
this regard depends on the location. If you decide to locate
your business in a highbrow area, you will spend much
more money to get a shop but the cost will be well worth it.
Get Training
You must get attached to any experienced
retailers or even depots for about six months to learn the
important rudiments. You need to learn how to refill the
cylinder, how to transfer, how to change valve.
everything necessary that you must know about the
business. You equally need to know where and how to buy
If you decides to learn in a smart way, you can learn from
any of those retailers you see by the roadsides and if you
are smart enough, you can get all the knowledge you need
In anyway, it may take you as much as six months to
complete your apprenticeship.
Rent a Shop
After your training is completed and you now
have the required knowledge, the next step is to go get a
The class of people that use cylinder gas cooker are
more in the urban area.
When your business is up and running. You
need to employ every marketing strategy you can muster to
increase your profitability and stay afloat.
Imagine if you invest more
resources and take it higher, your profit will be much more
mouth watering.
Gas companies, both the suppliers and
retailers are making good money in the business.
You can
become one of them today if you act now!
With all things setup according to plan, you are in good
business. A business that is capable of giving you all the
money you want.

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