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How To Start A Nursery And Primary School Business In Ghana

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All parents and intending parents look forward to
when their children will start schooling. In fact this
is a dream come true for all parents.
This dream
can take as much as 20 percent or more of the
parent’s income.
The foundation of every child’s education is the
nursery and primary school.
There is a saying that
if this foundation is faulty, it will be difficult to
correct in later education.
The increase in awareness of the importance of
education and high birth rates in Ghana has made
Nursery and Primary School business very
There is now the need for more nursery and
primary schools.
Some years back a single government or missionary
owned school will be sufficient for all the children
in a community.
However, in recent times it is no
longer so, as there is need for more schools, more
especially private owned.
It is generally believed
that a school owned and managed by private
individuals provides higher standards of education
in comparison to government owned schools.
Also it
is regarded as an evidence of poverty when ones
child attends public schools, so most parents
ensures their children attend private schools
whether or not such schools are better than public
All these trends combine to make Nursery
and Primary school business a good investment.
A lot of people of people have become millionaires
through an investment in Nursery and Primary
Nursery and Primary school business is a
worthwhile investment.
To get started, below are
the requirements to be observed:-
Prices of landed properties vary and are largely
dependent on the location of the Land.
When one
buys landed property for a nursery and primary
school business, one should avoid lands located in
isolated areas.
This is because parents hardly
patronize schools in such areas. Lands in accessible
locations are most preferred by parents for easy
pick up of their children.
In acquiring lands for Nursery and Primary
School business, one should go for lands in
environment that minimizes energy waste and
It should be noted that renting an apartment is an
option when one cannot afford to buy a land and
erect a school building.
The next step after acquiring a land is to erect a
school building. Before erecting a school building,
one should conduct a survey of the requirements of
the ministry of education.
This is very important as
failure to follow such requirements can result in
the school being shut down.
The cost of erecting a school building is dependent
on the size and quality of the building.
It is very
important to insist on a good structure, this is
because your marketing starts from there.
Nursery and Primary school classrooms are usually
small and jam-packed. A standard nursery and
primary school should be spacious, having at least
2.3m squares.
Water is important in your school,
you should consider sinking a borehole.
A classroom should be well equipped with not just
chairs and tables but also toys, computers and
other learning aids. Parents will gladly pay more
when classes are properly equipped.
Also large
screen TV should be in all classrooms, not to play
movies but for playing educational videos and
sometimes cartoons depending on the ages of the
children in the classroom.
It is very important to take care of transporting
these children from their houses to school and from
school back to their houses.
Most often the parents
of the children are working class and will
appreciate and pay more if the chore of
transporting the children is performed by the
Buy a decent school bus that will speak well of your
If one bus is not enough buy two. It is important
that the children are not jam-packed, as this is not
a good sight and could ruin the image of the
As a proprietor of a nursery and primary school, a
formal qualification may not be required.
However, They must have experience in childcare
education and play work. They must also be
passionate about children.
It is very important to register your school with the
Corporate Affairs Commission.
You can register
your school as a sole proprietorship, a partnership
or a company depending on your choice and also if
there are other investors.
Once all these are put in place, the final step is to
advertise the school and kick off .

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