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How To Start A Fruit Business In Ghana

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Have you ever thought about fruit and what it does to the
body ?
Fruits are considered to be an essential part of
everyday diet, they provide a good amount of energy and
nutrients needed for a healthy body.
Fruits can be
consumed raw, ripe, cooked, or even roasted for their
nutritional value and dietary fibers.
Fresh fruits are low in
calories and fats, they largely contain high volume of water.
Do you know you can make a living selling just fruits.Yes!
Fruit is is the sweet and fleshy product of a tree or other
plant that contains seed and can be eaten as food.
are necessary for the body they supply the essential
vitamins to the body.
Have you ever considered taking fruit as a business.
business is a small business but profitable business, it
does not require a huge amount of start up capital. You
will even make more gain selling fruits during ramadan
period (period when muslim faithfuls fast and pray to their
We are very sure you want to know more about fruit business, cool!
please read on…
The Health Benefit Of Fruits
Reasons why ancient people lived over 100 years and
above is that they know the benefit of fruit to the body.
percentage of ancient people who had had cancer and other
chronic disease is very low because they know the value of
fruits to the body, unlike this age we are in to now the
percentage of people dying everyday as a result of chronic
disease is high now.
Fruits have proven to be the best source for maintaining
good health and preventing cancer,they are rich in minerals
and vitamins beneficial for maintaining physical as well as
mental health.
List of different fruits
There are various fruits in Ghana, they are mango, orange,
pawpaw, banana, pineapple, cherry, pears, water melon,
cucumber apple and lots more.
It has a great taste and also has uncountable benefits. It
has a rich source of iron and works as an antidote for
anemic patients.
It is healthy for pregnant women and also
for women who gets weak at the stage of menopause.
source of vitamin A is rich, it also helps reduce skin aging
It is an antidepressant, it helps to reduce depression. It is
an important source of carbohydrates, fats, protein, iron,
potassium, and phosphorus.
The amount of phosphorus in
banana is very useful in brain development. this fruit is also
a quick and easy remedy for heartburn.
It belongs to the family of citrus fruit.
This juicy fruit
contains collagen beneficial for having younger skin.
Orange peels helps helps eliminate bad breath and gives
you long lasting fresh breath.
This is another amazing fruit with lots of benefits for skin. It
is beneficial for healing wounds and curing skin infections
that are caused by injuries.
It contains enzymes that helps
in skin elasticity, it is an easy remedy for dark spots lies
within pine apple. It helps build strong bones.
How To Invest Your Capital
Rent a shop: you need to rent a shop in an environment
where many people passes by on a daily basis.
Buy a mini freezer: you will need it to cool your fruit some
customers like cold fruits which have already been sliced.
Buy disposable plates to package the fruit in the freezer.
You need to buy tooth pick to pick the fruits.
You need a table to display the unsliced fruits.
Once your business is set, all you need now is to start
calculating your profit.
The cost you incur on your products
and how much profit you want will determine your selling
Note your selling price should not be too high
remember there are competitors in every business.

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