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Office Clerical Staff: Meaning Of Clerical Staff,Grades, Functions And Qualities Of A Clerical Staff

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Who Is A Clerical Staff?
A Clerical Staff is a person employed by an organization to perform administrative, clerical, official duties in an office.
The office staff has no specific job description but the work he/she does depends upon the needs of the company he/she is employed.
Grades Of Clerical Staff
What are the grades of a clerical staff?
Grades of Clerical Staff are;
i. Clerical assistant
ii. Clerical officers
iii. Senior clerks
Functions Of A Clerical Staff
The basic functions of a clerical staff may include duties such as:
Filling, Writing, Sorting, Collecting simple accounting and maintaining of documents such as the staff time book, movement book, voucher etc.
Qualities Of A Clerical Staff
1) An office (Clerical) Staff must be punctual to work at all times and regular to work also.
2) He/She Must be a person of unquestionable character and must not have been convicted in a country of law any time.
3) He/She must always dress well and neat at all time as he/she is prone to meeting various people at work.
4) He/She should posses a good educational background suitable for the job and must be experienced in the job which he/she is employed to do.
5) He/She should be able to work with minimum supervision, being confident of himself/herself at all times.
6) He/She should posses a good communication skills (both spoken and written).
7) He/She should be honest, reliable and emotionally stable to perform office duties.
Confidentiality Of Office Information
Confidentiality is the protection of vital information in the office. It means keeping certain information about the office or that has to do with the office secret and secured without telling others including co-workers, friends, family, etc.
An office staff is expected to ensure that the information available at the office is not made public and should be treated with utmost level of secrecy.
What Is Confidentiality Of Office Information?
Confidentiality of office information refers to a staff not discussing internal happenings in the organization with the co-workers and not sharing such information with the organization’s competitions, the press or anyone outside the organization.

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