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10 Arts & Craft Business Ideas & Opportunities In Ghana

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Are you very creative and you are looking for an art or craft business to invest in? Here we have top 10 best art & craft business ideas and opportunities in Ghana.
Art and craft business should be taken serious especially among the youths, Art and craft is usually a hand made structure and is a sign of creativity.
10 Arts & Craft Business Ideas And Opportunities In Ghana
1. Furniture Making Business
Houses, Office, Schools, And Churches won’t be complete without furniture. Locally made furniture’s are very high in demand, This business is very simple to start and requires low investment.
2. Bead Making Business
Bead making is the cheapest business to start under art & craft business ideas and opportunities in Ghana. It is truly the most lucrative business to venture into and the marketing plan is very simple, You can market your product to family and friends, church, school and working places.
3. Paint Production Business
New houses are been constructed everyday, and to make it look attractive and well decorated you need to paint both the inside and outside. There is a huge opportunity in paint production. Starting this business is very easy and it requires proper training.
4. Candle Making Business
Candle making business is very easy to start as far as you have startup capital. candles are used daily by Ghanaians and the market demand is very high. If you are interested in this venture then you have to do proper research and planning.
5. Graphic Design
Graphic designing business is very profitable and lucrative. Churches, schools, offices and many businesses demand for the service of graphic designers almost on daily basis. Graphic designs are in form of fliers, handbills, images, photos, business cards, videos, edits and design, book covers, ebooks etc.
6. Cake Making Business
Cake is the most consumed snacks in Ghana, and in ceremonial events like Weddings, Christmas, Dedication, Anniversaries and Other festivals. Cake making is a very lucrative business.
7. Jewelry Business
Are you interested in jewelry business? If yes, Venture into it. Jewelry business is very profitable and a very nice business for people who are very creative. This business can be done from home and anywhere.
8. Photography Business
Photography business also known as Photo studio is a very lucrative business in Ghana, Almost every sector needs photographer, Be it wedding, graduation, burial, and any other events need it. So that’s why this business is one of the top best art & craft business ideas and opportunities in Ghana.
9. Video Production Business
Just like photography business, This business involves recording a video event for a clients, It can be wedding, graduation, anniversary, dedication, etc. Video production business requires proper research and requires patients.
10. Cartoonist
You can make money by drawing and selling cartoons. This business is not yet popular but it is very profitable if well planned and managed.
These are the top 10 arts & craft business ideas and opportunities in Ghana. Don’t delay, you can make a different.
How To Start An Art & Craft Business In Ghana- Arts & Craft Business Plan In Ghana
1. Develop A Business Idea On Any Of The Art & Craft Business:
The first step is to develop a business idea, write them down, analyse the markets and how to make it on the business.
2. Have A Good Business Plan
Business plan will give you direction on how you are going to build your business, it will also determine your capital, competitors and how you are going to establish your business with a successful achievement (Goal).
3. Register Your Business
Whether Decoration, Furniture Making, Bead making and other creative business, It requires registration Unless the minor ones like Bead making, So If you are a student and you are talented or skilled in any of the art and craft business but you don’t have cash for business registration, you don’t have to bother. Your student ID card will cover all for you and it can grant loan for you.
4. Obtain An Office Or Shop
Business location really matter, obtain an office or shop were people will notice your creative work. If you are a stay at home individual, you can as well make people to notice your handwork.
5. Create A Website
Every business are all online because everything is now digital, If your business is not online then you are really lacking. Create a Facebook page, Instagram and a website for your business. This aspect is really important.
6. Marketing & Advertisement
Create a value, make people love your creativity. Your marketing starts from your family and friends, then use the power of social media to Advertise your products and market your products.
These are the 6 ways to start an arts and craft business. And Again you have to be dedicated and have patience in order to see good results. Challenges may come but always be Strong…

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