Ukraine war will last long France’s Macron cautions

Ukraine war will last long France’s Macron cautions

Ukraine war will last long France’s Macron cautions

Following Russia’s invasion of its pro-Western neighbor Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron warned that the world should ready itself for a protracted conflict between the two countries.

“I can tell you one thing this morning it is that this war will last,” Macron’s told France’s annual agriculture fair.

“This crisis will last, this war will last and all the crises that come with it will have lasting consequences,” Macron added, warning: “We must be prepared”.

French President Emmanuel Macron curtailed short his visit to the farm show, which is traditionally one of the most important events in the country’s political calendar, in order to return to dealing with the situation sparked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“War has returned to Europe, this was chosen unilaterally by President (Vladimir) Putin, with a tragic humanitarian situation, a (Ukrainian) people who are resisting and a Europe that is there and resisting by the side of the Ukrainian people,” said Macron.

The Elysee said that Macron has convened an emergency defense council of senior ministries and military security professionals to assess the situation in Ukraine. The meeting will take place at 1600 GMT and will be broadcast live on the internet.

As a result of the conflict and sanctions against Russia, particular industries in France, like the wine industry, are at danger of being negatively affected. Macron has pledged a “resilience strategy” to assist them in coping.

The French president played an important role in attempts to defuse the situation, engaging with Russian President Vladimir Putin on many occasions and attempting in vain to organize a meeting between the Russian leader and US Vice President Joe Biden.

The conflict has also erupted as the clock counts down to France’s presidential elections in April, which are scheduled for April.

Macron, who is likely to run for and win a second term, has waited until the last minute to officially declare his candidacy, though he must do so by the end of next week to be eligible to run on March 4.

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