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How To Start A Sachet Water Production Business In Ghana

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Packaged water is undeniably one of the smartest, life- saving innovations man ever made.
Imagine being stuck in a terrible traffic on a very hot day, with the sun smiling down ever so fiercely.
You look to your sides hoping to find one of those boys hawking chilled bottled or sachet water in traffic and you can’t seem to find any.
You chill for a while hoping that one would come along real quick and try to turn up your car’s air conditioning system a little bit hoping that somehow, it would make the thirst go away.
It doesn’t seem to be helping. The traffic doesn’t seem to be easing up either; you silently pray that you don’t die of dehydration.
You stick out your neck hoping again to spot one of those packaged water vendors but you still cannot find one. You are almost in tears.
It is at this point that you hear shouts of “Sachet water, Bottled Water” from a distance.
Your heart leaps for joy and you almost run out of your car to get yourself a bottle of chilled, bottled water. “Thank you”, you mutter as you quickly hand the money over to the vendor and he gives you that strange look; he can’t understand why you are thanking him but you know why, he just saved your life.
A lot of us have been in such situations before, where we were so thirsty and almost dehydrated and had to be saved by this wonder product.
Pure water or Sachet Water is a very highly demanded product and if you want to make a lot of money within a short time, this is a business you should give serious thought to.
You would need a special place to site your Sachet water factory.
However, if you have enough space in your house, you can simply carve out a place to be used specially for your pure water business but if you don’t, you would have to purchase a land and construct a factory.
You don’t need any elaborate building; a small bungalow with few rooms should be sufficient.
However, it is important that the place is kept in good and hygienic conditions.
Water is your raw material here. You would need constant source to clean water.
Although some pure water manufacturers make use of wells and other sources of water supply, this is not advisable.
It is always better to dig a borehole that would ensure you have access to clean water at all times.
Next, you have to register with the agency in charge of food and drug regulation in Ghana.
Without approval and certification from this Agency, you cannot produce sachet water in Ghana.
Hence, you must visit the closest Agency office to get a list of their requirements for approval or download it from their website.
This is the most important step in setting up a sachet water business in Ghana.
What makes your water different and sellable is the fact that it is purified.
Hence, you need a very solid water purification system.
There are several water purification methods such as distillation, reverse osmosis, Carbon filtration, Ultra-violet light filtration system and several others.
You need to study each method carefully and select the most suitable for you.
However, Ultra-Violet light filtration and Reverse Osmosis are the most commonly used water filtration systems in Ghana.
You would also need a good sealing machine for your factory.
There are different types of sealing machines from the very small ones to the huge, automatic ones.
It is however recommended that if you can afford it, you should purchase one of those specialized automatic pure water making lines with multiple functions such as filling, sealing, counting, cutting packaging and bag making.
Another thing you would need is a distribution van to help you with supplying products to customers easily. A medium-sized pick-up van is good.
There are a lot of procedures involved in pure water manufacturing even when you use an automatic line and believe us when we say that it is not something one person can handle.
You would need people to help you out with loading and off-loading, counting, driving, accounting and supervision.
Therefore, be prepared to hire people to assist you with these functions.
It always helps to have distributors registered under you.
These people would get your products at special, reduced prices and in turn, sell to others for a profit.
Having distributors would guarantee quicker and easier distribution of your products.

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