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The Departments In An Office/Organization: (Various Departments In An Organization)

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Different Departments/Offices In An Organization

In most organization especially big ones, different departments or office units are found within the organization. Each department or office is responsible for a specific function.

In your school for example, you may find the office of the principal, vice principal, bursar, etc.

The following are different department or offices that may be found in a large organization:

1) Administrative Department: This is the central control unit of an organization that is charged with responsibilities of directing, organising and coordinating the activities of all other departments in an organisation to ensure the organisation’s objectives are achieved.

2) Sales Department: Production Is not completed until the goods got to the final consumer, therefore sales department is in charge of ensuring that the finished goods (products) get to their final consumer.

3) Accounting Department: This department handles all financial matters or transactions of the organization.

4) Purchasing/Procurement Department: This Department is charged with the responsibility of acquiring raw materials that will be used in the production of the company products.

5) Personnel Department: This department performs an important functions of hiring, training of new staff and retraining of old Staff as well as ensuring Staff welfare.

6) Planning Department: Planning is an important aspect of business, any organization but fails to plan ahead, will definitely must perform as expected, therefore the planning department takes charge of ensuring that the organization’s plans ahead in order to device ways of achieving their goals.

7) Transport Department: This department is in charge of delivering raw materials to the production site as well as taking the finished shed products to areas or places they are needed.

8) Security Department: This department ensures the security and safety of all staff and the organization Assets.

9). Research And Development Department: This department is in charge of carrying out research to discover ways of improving the company’s products so as to remain competitive in the market while striving to satisfy the consumer’s want.

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