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How To Start A Cake Production Business In Ghana

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Cake is one of the the most consumed snacks in Ghana.
It is often the dessert choice at ceremonial occasions like weddings, birthdays, Christmas, New year and other festivals. Sometimes, cake is presented as a gift.
The demand for cake production in Ghana is always high on weekends because many people do their wedding ceremonies then.
During Valentine season, the rush for cake can be overwhelming. Every one wants to show his or her lover that they care through cake.
A birthday party without a cake is incomplete in any part of the world today. You will definitely agree with me that baking cake is one of the most lucrative businesses in Ghana today.
Even when other commodities experience poor sales, cake is still in high demand.
When it is well designed with nice and attractive colors, cakes make your occasions very colorful.
Are you ready to tap into the market by starting your own
cake production business? Please read along.
Recipe For Rich Cake Production
Flour- 500g
Sugar – 400g
Butter -500g
Eggs- 8
Baking Powder- 3 teaspoons
Vanilla Flavor – 2 teaspoons
Strawberry Cheese- 2 cover
A pack of cake mix ( Optional)
Cake Preparation Steps
Step 1: Put the butter and sugar in a large bowl use a
whisk or a hand mixer to blend well for it to be very smooth.
Step 2: Beat the eggs with either your whisk or hand mixer
for 10min.
Step 3: Get a very big bowl add all your ingredients
together then mixed butter, sugar, egg, then add flavors,
strawberry cheese, then miss together for 10mins
Step 4: Preheat your Oven to 350 degrees.
Step 5: Grease your Pans with a little vegetable oil and
flour mixed together.
Step 6: Add your flour, baking Powder and Preservative to
the mixed ingredients then mix finally. Stir anti-clockwise
with either a whisk or a hand mixer for 10mins.
Step 7: Add your mixed Cake into the mixture.
Step 8: Pour the batter evenly into the prepared pans.
Step 9: Close the oven door and immediately set a timer to
the specified baking time place them into the oven (bake it
for 35 minutes for a range of 34 to 36 minutes or 53
minutes for a range of 50 to 55 minutes).
Using the median
will ensure that the cake won’t under or over cook.
the urge to open the oven door during baking, as the heat
will escape and may cause the cake to cook unevenly.
applicable, turn the oven light on and view through the oven
Step 10: Check for doneness; Gently insert a toothpick or
wooden spoon in the center of the cake.
If it comes out
clean or with a few small crumbs on it, the cake is done. If
not, place it back in the oven for another 3-4 minutes.
testing for the same amount of time until you get the correct
Step 11: Place the pan on a wire rack to cool for 15 to 30
minutes. Run a butter knife around the pan edges to loosen
the sides. Place the wire rack over the top of the pan, invert
it, and tap it lightly to remove the cake.
Step 12: Let it cool completely before decorating since the
heat will melt frosting and icing. Frost and decorate as
Undergo Practical Training
You must undergo a training for you to have more
knowledge on how to make cakes and how to venture into
the business.
Cake making is no longer a complicated
procedure very easy without stress.
Firstly, register yourself
into a catering school or look for a friend with catering
knowledge that’s all you need.
With these training you will
be able to understand and know how to bake and decorate
a cake. Fondant cakes, wedding cakes, queens cake and
fruit cakes.
You Must Have A Little Capital
In this kind of business you need little capital to start up
with, it could be personal money, loans from Bank, Family
or from Friends.
You can start your own cake business with
as little amount as you can.
Buy The Right Ingredients
There are several ingredients that should go into cake
making, but start with these specific components which
are required in Cake Baking: electric Ovens, baking pans,
baking boards, vegetable oil, Flour, salt, baking powder and
butter e.t.c
Start Advertising It
Always have a business cards and flyers to hand they don’t
have to be too really fancy make it simple and give it all
over the place,your Business card is also a form that
carries your name and information about you and your
business, so, it also helps to promote your business in
places where you can’t imagine and its a kind of reference
when it is being needed.
Put your business cards as gift tags on cake boxes when
you send them out, you can also get onto social media like
Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, 2go, LinkedIn if possible
connect with other bakers, The support is amazing out
there – it can make all the difference.
Your Business card is also a form that carries your name
and information about you and your business, so, it also
helps to promote your business in places where you can’t
imagine and its a kind of reference when it is being needed.
Have Appealing Business Name
Business Name is the name you want to give your
business, it is the name you want to be known. Some
companies like UAC foods, Vax Limited, Cakes and Creams
e.t.c are names that are popular, unique and appealing.
Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
We would recommend that you find out what your unique
selling point are and your real strength.
You must allow
your target customers know your unique selling proposition
in selling that product to them.
Let them know the value in
paying for the premium of your product.
Coca Cola has a
taste that no other beverage has in the world, and that
makes it unique and sells everyday.
With the steps above, We believe this would help achieving
your dreams in cake production business in Ghana.
in case you are planning to start it. We wish you all the best
in your endeavors as a cake baker.

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