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How To Become A Footballer In Ghana

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To Become a Professional Footballer in
The situation today has witnesses a great improvement
from the way things used to be in the past.
This is evident
in the football academies scattered across the country.
most recent being the football training academy established
by Barcelona Football Club (FCB).
before where the youths skilled in the game of football had
a vague idea of how to put their talents to good use, there
is proper guidance today in the form of these football
1. Have Passion For the Game
This is a great ingredient that can propel an individual to
achieving his goal of becoming a footballer in Ghana.
Without passion, there will be little to no progress.
point is mentioned here because there are people
interested in becoming football players, but are driven by
the wrong reasons.
One of such reasons is the quest for
If money forms the reason for making you want to
become a football player, then it is most likely that you will
not achieve your goal of playing for any club of worth.
The right order of things is passion first, then other things
Passion can make you endure periods of intense
challenges, as they will surely arise.
This is where the
difference between a passion driven player and a player
driven by the wrong reasons is spotted.
2. Possess Some Basic Skills
Although practice makes perfect, it is advisable that you
have some basic skills, and add these to practice.
these football skills through constant practice can result in
super athleticism and increased form.
An exact replica of
this is Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid Football Club of
Skills added with constant practice will most likely
get you to your desired destination.
3. Be Persistent and Persevere
Persistence in following your passion is very important.
the football stars making impact across the world today all
started from humble and obscure beginnings.
and persistence brought them their current fame.
Sometimes, things might seem so difficult that the easiest
option will be to quit.
But these are the defining moments
that present the most opportunity.
These moments of trial
are what defines a player that will go far in this profession.
It will do well to have this basic ingredient as it will help
you succeed in becoming a professional football player in
4. Attend a Football Training Academy
If you possess all the above attributes, then it is highly
recommended that you attend a football academy where
your skills will be polished and put to good use, exposing
you to the right audience.
It is important to note here that
without exposure to the right audience, your dream of
becoming a professional football player is likely to hit the
This is a feature that a football training academy
makes available to the aspiring football player.
5. Land a Contract!
This is what will give instant goose bumps to a any
aspiring football player in Ghana. Why ? Because it may be
the big break! But why use “may”?
Because as there are
good contracts, there are also bad contracts.
contracts are mostly entered into when the player is being
signed on to a Football Club.
However, you have to be very
careful as some some Ghanaian players have found
themselves under bondage which is hard to escape from,
resulting in their failure to excel.
The cause for this contract
mess is mostly desperation exhibited by football players to
play professional football.
It is therefore advised that before committing to any
contract, the services of a lawyer should be hired.
contract document should be read by both the player and
the lawyer, with the lawyer interpreting any legal terms that
may be contained within the contract, and explaining its
implications if they are good or bad for business.

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