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Anita Okoye Biography, Age, Husband, Parents, Marriage, Instagram, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Tribe

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Anita Okoye, a prominent Nigerian entrepreneur, lawyer, and author who captured the public’s attention after her marriage to Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy from the popular music duo P-Square.

Born on November 8, 1988, in Lagos, Anita hails from the Ikwere tribe in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. With an impressive educational background, she obtained a degree in law from the University of Abuja and later pursued a Masters in Oil and Gas from the University of Dundee, Scotland.

Anita Okoye  Early Life and Education:

Growing up in Lagos alongside her siblings, Anita completed her nursery and secondary education in the city, obtaining both a First School Leaving Certificate and a Senior Secondary School Certificate. She went on to pursue her higher education at the University of Abuja, where she excelled in law and eventually became a qualified lawyer after being called to the Nigerian Bar. Despite her success, Anita’s thirst for knowledge led her to further her educational pursuits with a Master’s degree in Oil and Gas.

Anita Okoye  Career and Entrepreneurship:

Anita embarked on an eight-year career in the Oil and Gas sector before making a bold decision to transition into entrepreneurship. In 2016, she ventured into the business world as a Strategic Business Developer. Alongside her husband, Paul Okoye, she co-founded the Cashew Apple Project (CAP), an initiative aimed at reshaping the world’s perception of Africa.

Beyond her business endeavors, Anita also delved into writing, becoming the author of “The ABC of Africa.” Her book provides insightful analysis of Africa’s culture and is suitable for readers of all ages who seek to learn more about the continent.

Anita Okoye Business Ventures:

Anita Okoye’s entrepreneurial ventures extend to various industries. She owns Tannkco, a children’s fashion collection store located in Lekki, Lagos State, which was launched in October 2019. Additionally, she is the owner of Little Luxe, a lifestyle children’s furniture company.

Anita Okoye Personal Life:

Anita’s personal life has been in the public eye due to her marriage to Paul Okoye. The couple tied the knot in 2014 and welcomed their first child, Andre Okoye, in 2013. Three years later, they were blessed with a set of twins, Nathan Okoye and Nadia Okoye. However, in June 2022, Anita publicly announced her desire to divorce Rudeboy, citing infidelity as the reason.

Anita Okoye Net Worth:

As a successful entrepreneur and lawyer, Anita Okoye’s estimated net worth stands at $1.5 million.


Anita Okoye, a dynamic Nigerian figure, has proven herself as a successful entrepreneur, lawyer, and author. Her dedication to reshaping Africa’s perception and contributing positively to society through her various business ventures and writing is commendable. Despite the challenges in her personal life, Anita remains an inspiration to many. To keep up with her latest ventures and activities, you can follow her on Instagram (@Anita_Okoye) and Twitter (@anitaokoye).

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