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Angel BBNaija Biography 2022: Age, Profile & Net Worth

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Angel Agnes Smith, fondly known as Angel, is a multi-talented individual who has gained widespread recognition as one of the housemates in Big Brother Naija season 6. Her dynamic personality and captivating presence have endeared her to many viewers. In this blog post, we delve into the life of this young star, exploring her early years, interests, and her journey to fame.

Angel BBNaija Early Life and Education:

Angel was born in 2000 in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, where she spent her formative years and received her primary and secondary education. Growing up in this vibrant state, she developed a strong sense of self and was exposed to various cultural experiences that have undoubtedly shaped her unique personality.

Angel BBNaija Passions and Interests:

From an early age, Angel discovered her love for movies, immersing herself in captivating storytelling on the screen. However, her creative pursuits did not end there. She also found her voice as a writer and poet, allowing her to express her thoughts and emotions in a deeply artistic manner.

Angel BBNaija Personality:

Fearless and unapologetic, Angel proudly identifies herself as a feminist. Her passion for gender equality and women’s rights drives her to be an outspoken advocate for the cause. Her friends affectionately describe her as a drama queen, attributing her captivating and expressive nature to this title.

Entry into Big Brother Naija Season 6:

In 2021, Angel’s life took an exciting turn when she secured a spot as one of the housemates in Big Brother Naija season 6. Her charisma, talent, and relatability quickly caught the attention of viewers, making her a favorite among many.

Angel BBNaija Net Worth:

Thanks to her participation in the popular reality TV show and her growing popularity, Angel’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $350,000. Her time in the Big Brother Naija house undoubtedly opened up new doors of opportunities for her burgeoning career.


Angel’s journey from a talented young girl in Akwa Ibom State to a prominent figure on Big Brother Naija season 6 is an inspiring one. With her unwavering commitment to feminist ideals and her flair for drama, she continues to leave a lasting impression on her fans and well-wishers. As she ventures further into her career, we eagerly await the next chapter of Angel’s remarkable story.

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