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Stella Charles Biography: Age, Movies, Education, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wiki, State of Origin, Parents

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Stella Charles, born on November 9, 1987, is a well-known Nigerian model, businesswoman, and brand influencer. With a successful career as a three-time former beauty queen, Stella has made a name for herself in the modeling industry.

Her journey from a young girl captivated by models on television to a renowned social media influencer is truly inspiring. In this blog post, we will delve into Stella Charles’ early life, education, career accomplishments, personal life, and her thriving presence on social media.

Early Life, Childhood, and Education:

Stella Charles was born in Anambra State, Nigeria, on November 9, 1987. She grew up in a family of three, being the second child and having only sisters. Even from a young age, Stella was drawn to the world of showbiz and had a particular fondness for models.

She spent hours watching modeling television programs, dreaming of becoming the best model and brand influencer. Stella pursued her higher education at the University of Abuja, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in political science.

Career and Achievements:

Stella Charles is a multi-talented individual who has excelled in various fields. She kickstarted her modeling career at the age of 17 and has since achieved remarkable success. Stella has earned several titles throughout her journey, including The Girl Southeast Nigeria 2010, Most Beautiful in Abuja 2011/12, MBGN Ekiti top 15 2013, and Miss Heritage Nigeria 2013/14.

Additionally, Stella showcased her acting skills in the film “Perfect Without You,” where she co-starred alongside Nazo Ekezie. Her talent and charisma have also landed her roles in other notable movies such as “The Three Brides,” “Do Not Marry,” “Enough,” “Trump Card,” and “Apartment 24.”

Stella Charles as a Social Media Influencer:

With a passion for modeling, Stella Charles has built a substantial following on social media platforms. She has amassed over 300,000 followers, thanks to her regular posts featuring modeling and bikini photos.

Stella engages with her fans through her private Instagram account and fan page, leveraging these platforms to promote her successful modeling career. Her Instagram page serves as a testament to her achievements, captivating her audience with captivating visuals and inspiring messages.

Net Worth:

Stella Charles is not only recognized for her beauty and talent but also for her entrepreneurial endeavors. As a top Nigerian actress, model, and TV host, she has accumulated an estimated net worth of $200,000. Her dedication and hard work have played a significant role in her financial success.

Personal Life and Interests:

In her personal life, Stella Charles has had a romantic relationship with Naija’s movie actor, Daniel K. Daniel. They were together for two years before parting ways in 2015. Apart from her professional endeavors, Stella is passionate about modeling, acting, and dancing. Her vibrant energy and love for the arts shine through her work.

Social Media Presence:

Stella Charles maintains an active presence on social media platforms. To stay connected with her and enjoy her latest updates, you can follow her on Instagram at @stellacharles and on Twitter at @StellacharlesC.


Stella Charles has carved a prominent place for herself in the Nigerian modeling industry through her sheer talent, dedication, and passion. From her humble beginnings as a young girl with big dreams to becoming a successful model, actress, and influencer, Stella’s journey is an inspiration to aspiring individuals. With a strong presence on social media and numerous accolades under her belt, Stella continues to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark in the world of fashion and entertainment.

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