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 7 Things Nigerian Record Label Companies will Look For Before Signing you (2022 Guide)

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  1. You may want to ask, why do so many talented Nigerian musicians and songwriters never manage to get a record deal with record label companies in Nigeria?

Before you will even be considered for a record label deal, bear in mind that you must prove to these record companies that you possess a broad range of skills, character traits and mental attitude that they look for in potential partners in addition to your great musical skills. So these companies won’t just rely on ‘whatever you tell them’ they will do thorough background investigations, as no serious record labels will put millions of Naira at risk without thoroughly researching their investment beforehand.


 1. Are You Free to Pursue Opportunities?

Record labels want someone who has the ability and passion to pursue any music career opportunities without hesitation of any kind.

 2. Record Labels Looks for ‘Proof’

What are your work ethic like?

You will agree with me that becoming successful in any profession does not just happen overnight or by luck; just like you can’t become a footballer overnight so as becoming successful in music industry. The journey requires total passion, dedication and commitment.

 3. Do You Have a Strong Online Presence?

Record companies are much impressed by you having a strong online presence. This means not only having a lot of followers on the social media but also keeping a close relationship with them. They (Record labels) want to know your fans and how you communicate with them. It shows that you can promote your own gigs, tours and drive product sales, record labels consider this for this reason; they know that when they invest additional resources into moving your music career into market, it will be so much easier for you to repeat the process because you already have a strong database ‘fans’.

 4. Are You Loyal?

If a record label believes for one second that you may become disloyal, you will immediately be barred from any opportunities to work with them. The more loyal you are to those you work with, the less ‘risk’ you offer in any kind of partnership and the more people in the music industry will want to work with you.

Note that here isn’t any ‘one’ thing that defines your loyalty, but you can be SURE that this is something that record companies WILL look closely for as they decide whether or not to work with you.

 5. Are You a Success-minded Person?

There is NO room in a successful record company’s budget for musicians who have negative attitudes, pessimistic outlooks and win&lose or lose&lose mindsets. To get signed to a record deal, you must be 100% success-minded, committed to finding positive value in negative situations and dedicated to building mutually beneficial business relationships with other musicians.

 6. Do You Currently Use Drugs or Have Any Records of Legal Issues?

If you have been involved with major legal issues or have a history of drug use, your level of ‘risk’ in the eyes of any record label will go up exponentially (and will likely kill your chances for any business opportunities being extended to you). Be smart and don’t sabotage your music career success by allowing easily avoidable vices to take control of your life!

7. Have You Taken Any Steps to Learn About the Music Business

Record companies in Nigeria want to know that you are not only taking consistent action to reach your musical goals, but also taking steps to secure your success for a long-term, flourishing career in music. The most obvious way you can show proof of this is by getting music career success training from a mentor who has already accomplished huge things in the music business (such as sold records on major record labels, toured the world and made big money as a musician). When record companies see that you have invested into your music career growth, they will be more likely to work with you for 2 reasons:

  1. They will see that they won’t need to invest ‘additional’ millions Naira into coaching you on how the music business works.
  2. They will see that you possess ambition, commitment and work ethic to grow your career – all things that the record labels look to get as much proof about as possible before deciding to work with you.

Here are also 2 reasons why intending Nigerian musicians never pass this background checks;

  1.  They don’t know that they are being tested.
  2.  They are completely clueless on ‘things’ record labels look for before making a deal.

Now that you understand what record companies in Nigeria are looking for in you, start taking ACTION to develop the qualities that put you at the top of the list of musicians record companies want to work with. Good luck

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