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How To Join Nigerian Nollywood Movie Industry in 2023

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The Nigerian Movies Industry is the most lucrative industry in the Entertainment sector. Based on research, The Nollywood is ranked as the third (3rd) most successful Movies Industry in the world.

In this article, I will give you the best strategic steps on how to join the Nollywood Industry in 2023 with no challenges.

Let’s get started,

Talent And Passion

Sometimes you find out you don’t have the talent to perform as an Actor or Actress but you have an interest in Acting.

Don’t worry there’s always a way out which is to increase your Passion for the career. You can master this with passion when you put action into it by practicing the specific role you want to be known in a movie consistently.

Also, Joining acting groups or classes will help you to become a professional Actor or Actress by giving you the improvement in performing on stage and learning from other talented individuals.

Get Exposure

Don’t wait to fully master the act, instead try producing interesting Skits (short videos) to Post on your social media handle in order to showcase your acting talents to the world as well as get you exposed to movie Directors and Producers.

If you don’t have the capital to kick-start producing your personal videos, you can volunteer in working with Actors around you in order to gain Exposure.

The Actors Guide of Nigeria (AGN) Membership

The main purpose of joining The Actor Guide Of Nigeria (AGN) is to protect your right as an Actor or Actress in the Nigerian film industry. To gain more benefits from the organization, you have to be alert and attend all the conferences for notability.

Network With Actors And Actresses

Creating a good connection with Actors, Actresses, Producers, Directors, and individuals in movie productions will be a great thing to focus on at all times if you really want to be seen in the Nigerian Movies Industry. You can reach them through their social media profiles or through conferences.

Attend Auditions

If you really want to make the best out of your talent, you have to attend auditions to perform your acting skills to the right audience. The most important part is that the audience is usually attended by Movie Industry boards there’s a higher chance of being cast if only you perform perfectly.

Don’t wait for an opportunity, get updates from legit sources and try as much to attend any auditions both online and offline in order to gain a huge deal.

Answers To Related Asked Questions About Nigerian Movies Industry


The 4 Best Film Academy in Nigeria and School Fees

Here is the Timetable listing The Nollywood film academies in Nigeria and school charges

Film Academy Located State School fees
The Royalty Art Academy Lagos State and Akwa Ibom State. ₦123,500.
The Del-York Creative Academy. Lagos State. $1500 To $3000.
The Heritage Film Academy. Lagos State. ₦120,000.
The National Film Institute. Lagos, Abuja, Kano And Abia state. Free.

26 Lists Of Film Academy Courses In Nigeria

Below is the list of courses offered in Nigerian film academies;

  1. 3D Animation
  2. Makeup and Special Effects
  3. Acting and Film
  4. Broadcast and Journalism
  5. Cinematography and Set Lighting
  6. Coloring and Grading
  7. Introduction to Theater Production
  8. Producing and the Business of Filmmaking
  9. Acting For Film (On-Premise)
  10. Screenwriting (On-Premise)
  11. Cinematography & Set Lighting
  12. Digital Content Creation & Social Media Influencing
  13. Public Relations & Media Communications
  14. Coloring & Grading
  15. VFX
  16. Digital Marketing
  17. Photography
  18. Fashion, Arts & Craft
  19. Directing
  20. Drones
  21. Film Editing
  22. Intro To Theater Production
  23. Music Video Production
  24. Costume & Set Design
  25. Producing & The Business of Film-Making
  26. Sound Design & Scoring For Film.

Hold on!

This is the end of this article. Hope you have learned something great.

Don’t forget to kick-start your acting career today!

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