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Kunle Afolayan: Biography, Movies, And Awards

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Nigerian Actor, Producer, and filmmaker Kunle Afolayan has been making his mark on the Nigerian film industry since 1995. 

Over the course of his career, he’s played lead roles in over 20 films and produced more than 10 others, as well as directed and co-written several productions himself. 

Some other things you need to know about the talented actor and filmmaker are stated below.

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Kunle Afolayan’s Life

Afolayan is married to Tolu and they have four children. The filmmaker identifies as a Free-thinker. In 2021, he struck a deal with Netflix to make three feature films, including a screen adaptation of Sefi Atta’s book. 

Afolayan and the writer penned the script and included a major twist from the original story. The movie is about a woman who considers taking on drug trafficking in Lagos in the mid-’80s.

Career And Achievements

Director Afolayan is descended from Igbomina-Yoruba ethnicity. Born in 30th of  September, 1974 in Ebute Metta, Lagos  State, Nigeria. He is  from Kwara State and the son of theatre and film director Ade Love. 

His major is economics and his background is casual acting, before deciding to move into full-time filmmaking and taking a course at the New York Film Academy. Since 2005 he has been active in the Nigerian film industry. 

He has made a number of films including The Figurine. 

One was called Araromire in the Yoruba and English languages and the other, Phone Swap, were starring Wale Ojo, Joke Silva, Nse Ikpe Etim, and Chika Okpala. Figurine won five major awards in the African Film Academy and proved a hit in Nigerian movie theaters.


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