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KayVee finally speaks on exit from Big brother naija house

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Some weeks after he withdrew from the Big Brother Naija (Shine Ya Eye) house on health grounds, Ololade Olajide, aka KayVee, has spoken about his health.

He said that his inability to blend in with other housemates who had been on the show before him triggered his mental health issues. According to him, everyone had cliques and that made him feel like an outsider.

He told Saturday Beats, “One of the reasons I couldn’t blend in quickly was because some of the housemates had bonded already before I came in, so I felt like an outsider. It was hard for me to blend in because they had created their cliques, then I came in like a random person that was trying to fit into a society.”

KayVee also stated that there were rumours among the other housemates that he talked too much, and he didn’t feel accepted by other housemates.



He added, “I can’t pinpoint the time I felt like I could not continue the show anymore. What really happened was that while I was getting to know the housemates, it looked like I was talking too much. I was hearing rumours in the house that I was beginning to talk too much, so I had to restrain myself from talking too much. I didn’t want it to seem like I was trying to steal the show from them. That’s one of the reasons I was triggered. They did not really accept who I was.”

The 26-year-old photographer also stated that the love he got from people outside the house restored his confidence.

He said, “A lot of people said they cried when I left the house. It’s not bad for them to be sad but they knew I had to put myself first. Some people had banners on their cars just because of me and that made me so happy. It was one of the things that restored my self-confidence.”

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