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Names and Biography Of BBN Season 7 Housemates: How well do you know BBNaija Season 7 housemates?

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Names and Biography Of BBN Season 7: How well do you know your fellow housemates?

It’s time to get to know your fellow Big Brother Nigeria season 7 housemates better as we go through their names and biographies! 


Check out the latest BBN season 7 housemates’ names and biographies below to learn about their lives, what they do and where they are from! Perhaps even predict who will be the last housemate standing!

  1. Amaka


Amaka is a native of Anambra state and she’s 23 years of age. 


She’s the only girl in her family with just one sibling and loves generous men. 


Her motto is: ‘She’ll do anything for her daddy…’. ‘Grab the bull by the horns, forge ahead.’ This mantra has helped her deal with the highs and lows life has thrown her. 


Amaka confesses she signed up for Big Brother Naija not just to win, but to have fun, meet new people, and pepper her ex.


Amaka is the first to admit that she talks a lot, something that her fellow Housemates may not like about her. She admits she comes across as bold, mean, and “extra”. “I am a big parrot. You don’t have to pay me o. I can talk for free non-stop,” she says.


Even though she holds grudges, Amaka is honest about it. “You will always know where you stand with me”.

  1. Beauty

Full Name: Beauty Etsanyi Tukura 


Beauty has done an impressive job of living up to her name as she was crowned Miss Nigeria in 2019. 


She became the 43rd beauty to win the title. In addition, she was crowned the ‘Most Beautiful Girl Taraba’ in 2015 and 2017.


Her lowest point in life was when she failed the Nigerian Bar Exams after failing the first time. Beauty describes herself as generous, open, and reliable. She believes she can accomplish anything if she puts her mind to it. The last of four siblings, Beauty enjoys the love, constant guidance, and unwavering support this position provides.


Big Brother Naija appeals to me for various reasons. First, I love challenges and I love entertaining people. I also need the platform to further develop my brand, Beauty Tukura. I know that I will change a lot, but I am ready for those changes and all that they bring,” she says.

  1. Christy O

Full Name: Christiansa Oluwafunke Ojumu


This outspoken 24-year-old beauty entrepreneur runs a cosmetics business, models from time to time, and believes in giving people a second chance.


Christy O describes herself as a “funny, smart, and hardworking extrovert” and admits you are more than likely to find her “where the fun is” on any given day. When she’s not hiking or having a picnic with her friends, Christy O enjoys writing poetry.


One of her weaknesses is that she is a perfectionist, which means she isn’t satisfied with results, especially if someone else has performed the task. 


Aside from being argumentative and sarcastic, she may also annoy her Housemates.


The show aims to entertain, educate and be creative, which Christy believes she can be good at. “I am fabulous at putting together a show,” she says. 


Despite all this, Christy O feels she’s the right person for this experience. “I am excellent at putting on a good show. Big Brother Naija is about entertaining, educating and being creative. I think I can be great at that,” she says.

  1. Bryann

Chkuwuebuka Chiji is his full name


The 24-year-old singer and songwriter is inspired by Wande Coal, Vybz Cartel, and Angelique Kidjo. Bryann began releasing music in 2019 and released his first full-length project in 2021.

Despite being down-to-earth and sometimes reserved, Bryann loves to meet new people, go to parties, and watch movies. “As an extravert, I have both bursts of energy and low-energy days, but I understand how to navigate people in any situation,” he says.


Briann is at his happiest when he is being creative, and he hopes Big Brother Naija will provide him with the platform to interact with people, raise his social currency and also create awareness about his music.


Housemates might take exception to his chronic lateness and his forgetfulness. “I’m super forgetful, so I sometimes forget to pitch meetings on time,” he chuckles.


In addition to Wande Coal, Vybz Cartel, and Angelique Kidjo, singer and songwriter Bryann hails from Imo State and has been releasing music since 2019.


Although down-to-earth and reserved at times, Bryann loves to meet new people, have fun, and watch movies. extraverts are a mix of introverts and extroverts. 


They are characterized by random bursts of energy as well as low-energy days, but they know how to interact with people in both situations,” he says.


Bryann is at his happiest when he is being creative, and hopes Big Brother Naija will enable him to interact with people, build his social currency, and also make his music more popular.


Housemates might not appreciate his chronic tardiness and his bad memory. “I’m super forgetful, so I sometimes forget to pitch for meetings on time,” he says with a chuckle.

  1. Daniella

Full Name: Daniella Utangbe Peter


If Daniella isn’t writing poetry, acting, or singing, you can find her working out and staying fit. She loves fair play and does her best to stand up for others during heated arguments.


Daniella describes herself as resilient, energetic, and observant. She has a twin brother, five older brothers, and a younger sister, and loves being part of a large family. She is still open to finding love one day, even if she just got out of a toxic relationship.


Upon being asked about habits that might annoy fellow Housemates, she says, “I’d say it would be my sensitivity. I’m very aware of verbal and non-verbal communication. I’m quite unpredictable as well”.

“I want to be in the entertainment business. I strongly believe I belong here”, she says.

  1. Groovy

Known by many as Henry Orakwue, His full name is Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue.


Groovy, an ambitious artist, fashion entrepreneur, and model from Anambra State with a B.Sc. are only 26 years old. she graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in Biochemistry and enjoyed keeping herself healthy through diet and exercise.


He’s said to be positive, self-sufficient, and supportive and believes that his winning mentality has always pushed him and those around him to achieve greater things.


According to Groovy, he may have a personality that will bother his Housemates. 


He had this to say regarding this opinion: I won’t back down if I feel I’m right about something unless the facts state I’m wrong. I’m also very conscientious, so I hardly bend my will to please others, unless it’s the right thing to do. 


He stated: I want to be famous, wealthy, influential and powerful. I would like to be a force for change in my country and the world, and this show is a platform for showing the world who I am and who I could be. 

  1. Ilebaye

Full Name: Ilebaye Odiniya 


The 21-year-old entrepreneur and criminology graduate enjoys swimming, partying, bowling and shopping and considers herself a controversial go-getter.


Ilébaye believes romantic relationships are all about pretence. “Maybe one day I will find a reason to believe in love, but for now, there’s no chance,” she says.


Her bluntness and nonchalant attitude may annoy her fellow Housemates, but she plans to compensate for them by being easygoing and fun to be around.


Surely, Big Brother Naija is the perfect platform for her to sell herself and gain exposure, which will be beneficial to her business. 

  1. Kess

Full Name: Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu 


The 28-year-old businessman loves a good time and considers his brother his best friend. He is married and loves to live life to the fullest. “He is like a twin brother to me. I love my family. Our struggles have made us stronger and I am blessed to have them in my life”.

In his own words, he is a “showstopping, jaw-dropping human being” who takes pride in his abilities. “I have the ability to do almost anything. He says I can sing, but not on Wande Coal’s level. I dance small, and I sabi act small. But I have never taken any of this seriously because man needs to survive first,” he says.


In addition to being stubborn and valuing himself, Kess has always dreamed of being in the Big Brother Naija house. “Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy watching the show and have always imagined myself on it.”

  1. Khalid

Full name: Ismail Rukuba Ahalu, 


He loves to engage in extreme sports and hang out with the right people. When it comes to relationships, he doesn’t play around with words.


He likes archery, skateboarding, basketball, anime, and mythology. A 22-year-old freelance graphic designer from Plateau State, he loves trying new things and considers himself charismatic.


Khalid, who describes himself as “chronically single”, is not searching for love at the moment but feels like he has hit the jackpot in terms of friendship, which is more than enough for him. 


The Big Brother Naija House allows him to advertise himself and meet new people.


“With my talents, I should be doing more than I am now. My friends and family constantly remind me of my potential, so I should strive to be great,” he says

  1. Pharmsavi

Full Name: Saviour Ikin Akpan


The confident and multitalented Pharmsavi is an extrovert with “an amazing sense of humour.” He is particularly passionate about acting and is interested in pursuing the discipline as a career.


Pharmsavi enjoys travelling, dancing, and playing video games and has a large network of friends thanks to his boisterous, friendly personality. 


He dislikes hypocrisy and deceit, and he is emotionally and competitive. Pharmsavi loves graphic design and enjoys playing table tennis when he has time.


“I am a perfectionist. People say I have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) because I like things to be clean and arranged,” he says.

“I also want to create awareness on drug abuse and misuse, specifically among the youth.”, says Pharmsavi.

  1. Phyna


Full Name: Ijeoma Josephina Otabor


Ijeoma describes herself as “allergic to malice”. She is short-tempered and can fight with a person one minute, then talk to them the next like nothing happened.


She is single and believes she is a born entertainer. “My view on relationships is: Na Mumu dey fall in love”. 


This 25-year-old hype girl considers herself jovial, and maintains she is allergic to gossip. “I don’t condone gossip, and a lot of people know I hate it. You can never gossip about someone to me,” she says. 


One of her talents is repairing home appliances; she counts her graduation as one of the best moments of her life. “I never thought I would be able to further my education in a higher learning institution”. Phyna has set her sights on the Big Brother Naija House for one simple reason; she wants to make a difference.


  1.  Cyph


Full Name: Bright Hidi Nwekete, 


Art lover, movie junkie, and music freak Cyph hails from Imo State and studied Electrical Engineering at Madonna University. He enjoys food, travel, fashion, and cruises, and admits that he can be quite enigmatic. he adds, “I’m also goofy, sociable, and playful, so that balances it out.


The motto Cyph lives by is ‘You only live once’, and when he disagrees with loved ones, he makes sure to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 


Cyph admits he loves to be happy, but can easily cry if someone hurts him severely. Although not in a relationship, Cyph has his sights set on someone outside the House at the moment.


“I’ve always wanted to be known or seen beyond the comfort of my home, phone, and friends. I have a lot to give to society and I see BB Naija as that first step”.


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