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How to look good without makeup,If you have acne

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Makeup is not the only considered essentials to look good, especially when you have acne. It is 100% possible to look good without makeup even as an acne carrier.
Honestly we think that only make up can make one to look good but that’s not true.
On this Article you will learn the tips on how you can get started even without eye cream,primer,liquid foundation etc
CRYSTAGO INC will show you a Great tips .
How to look good without makeup,If you have acne:
(1) Washing your face
It is advice able to wash your face at least twice a day, It removes oil,bacterial from your face/skin. Wah your face in the morning and at night, this can also help to reduce acne.
(2) Drink plenty water
Drinking water is one of the major ways to glow your skin.
Washing your face only removes the outer layer of the skin, while drinking water cleanses the inner layer of the body by regulating the body temperature and keeping the skin hydrated.
(3) Eating healthy
Health is wealth, which means that eating healthy is very important if your ambition is to look good without makeup. You must avoid junk food(Like: Groundnuts,Donuts,Fried chicken etc) and sugary drinks(sodas,sports drinks,coffee) you must avoid them…But for better balanced diet, you can take just a little quantity.
(4) Exfoliate your skin
Some said that exfoliating the skin damages the top layer of the skin, “Yes”, is very true, But if you get it RIGHT, It won’t harm your skin.
Exfoliation is the removal of the top layer of the skin which is known as the “dead skin cell”. Exfoliate your skin once a week or thrice a month for better look.
(5) Moisturize your skin
This makes your skin to be smooth and softer. Moisturizer prevents lack of moisture on skin and gives more pliable appearance to skin. Moisturizers are very good to your skin. Try it out!!!
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(6) Good grooming
Take good care of your personal appearance,hygiene and clothing.
Keep yourself neat,cut your hair/plait your hair when necessary,eliminate odor with an odor-controlling substance(Deodorant)
Like we said before; Makeup is not the only considered essentials to look good, You can look good/great even without makeup,whether you have acne or not…

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