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10 top paying states for NYSC allowance

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Have you been wondering the states in Nigeria that pay NYSC Corpers the highest state allowance? This article published by Siggy.ng unveils the 10 top paying states for NYSC allowance you should consider while selecting states for your NYSC posting.

NYSC allowance


List of highest paying state in terms of NYSC allowance:

1. Lagos State :
Topping the list of states that pay corpers state allowance is Lagos State, the commercial capital of Nigeria.

Regarding security, Lagos is one of the safest places for corps members in Nigeria.

For most corps members, Lagos state is the best state for NYSC in Nigeria, mostly because of the several multinational companies in Lagos.

Sadly, it is too competitive, and getting posted to Lagos is more luck than choice.

But one thing is sure, NYSC Lagos State allowance will reach you.

The Lagos state government pays corps members in ministries the sum of N10,000/Month while Corp Members in Local Government Offices are paid N5,000 monthly.

2. Akwa Ibom State :
This is one state in Nigeria that is a major destination for corps members. If you serve in Akwa Ibom, you will understand why and definitely fall in love with the state.

For a while, the state has been paying an additional Akwa Ibom State NYSC stipend to corps members on the day they’re to pass out from the camp.

According to the government, it’s to help them get to their various PPAs before their service year officially begins.

Akwa Ibom is as safe as a safe house.

Also, feeding is cheap in all parts of Akwa Ibom.

Transportation cost is also affordable, housing cost is reasonable, and the lifestyle is great.

If you’re asking yourself, “How much does Akwa Ibom pay corpers?” your answer is here.

The state government allowance for corpers in Akwa Ibom is ₦5,000 monthly flat rate. However, some professional courses receive higher Akwa Ibom State NYSC allowance than others. There are also various companies that pay corpers in Akwa Ibom State, and trust me, they pay them well.

3. Anambra State :
Another state on this list of states that pay youth corpers is Anambra state.

The Anambra government pays corps members ₦9,000, which is higher than all states except Lagos state.

Yes, you read that right.

In the state, food is cheap, accommodation is reasonable, and transportation is affordable.

You won’t have to look for the best PPA in Anambra State because the state offers lots of great PPA opportunities.

Some persons however argue that this payment (N9000) is a one-time payment paid once.

How much does Anambra State pay nurse corpers?

Anambra State pays nurses corpers the sum of N22,000 monthly.

4. Kano State :
Kano is a major commercial hub and one of the few northern states that pay NYSC allowance.

The state is on our list of states that pay youth corpers in Nigeria and has been consistent for some time.

At a time, Kano state was amongst the most populous states in Nigeria, although the Boko Haram crisis might have contributed to the state losing some population.

Corps Members dislike serving in the north because of the fragile security in the region.

However, Kano is an exception.

Kano state is a state you will enjoy living in if you find yourself there.

Things are cheap in the city, making it an ideal state for all corpers as they can save a significant part of their allowance.

The Kano state government pays corps members ₦5,000 monthly, making it the best northern state for NYSC.

5. Taraba State :
This state is another state in the north that pays corpers NYSC state allawi.

They pay corps members working in public establishments six thousand Naira (₦6,000) monthly. Besides public organizations, there are other offices that pay corpers in Taraba state.

This was implemented in December 2018, and to date, the state government is still paying.

So if you’re wondering whether Taraba State is good for NYSC, you’ve got your answer.

6. Niger State :
Undoubtedly, this is the most “secure” state in the north and pays corpers state allowance.

Generally, feeding and housing are cheap in the entire north, and Niger state isn’t an exception.

Besides that, there are various business opportunities you can start while in the north.

The state has a steady power supply, which can be attributed to the Kainji dam’s presence.

The Niger state nysc allowance for corps members is N6000 per month.

If you’re looking for where to serve and pass out without drama, head to Niger state.

7. Rivers State :
This is among the best states in Nigeria for NYSC.

People who served in Rivers can testify that Rivers State is worth mentioning on this list of states that pay corpers state allowance.

The state pays a Rivers State NYSC allowance of N15,000 to Corps members posted in the state.

If you serve in the State Capital, Port Harcourt, you might end up serving in a big oil company and earn more.

8. Osun State :
This list of Nigeria states’ NYSC allowance will not be complete if Osun State is not mentioned.

Osun is one of the southwest states that pay corpers and has maintained the status over the years.

The state is calm and peaceful, has good electricity, and can turn your dream into reality.

Osun State NYSC allowance is N5,000.

9. Jigawa State :

Jigawa state government pays its corps members ₦5,000 monthly flat rate.

However, those in hospitals receive N16000 and medicine, and veterinary medicine corpers earn about N26,000.

The state is one of the northern states people love to go for NYSC.

10. Ebonyi State :

Ebonyi state is a state in the southeastern part of Nigeria.

As of 2018/2019, Ebonyi state was paying corpers N10,000 monthly for their monthly Ebonyi NYSC State allowance.

However, there is a strong rumor that the payment stopped after the 2019 general election as the corpers that came after weren’t paid.

With the ongoing transformation in the state, many are looking for companies in Ebonyi State that pay corpers.

We will update you if there is any development with the payment of the Ebonyi State NYSC allowance.

How much does Ebonyi State pay nurse NYSC corpers?

Ebonyi State pays NYSC nurses in the state hospitals N10,000 only monthly

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