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BBNaija ex house mate Boma apologises to Tega husband amidst death threats

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BBNaija ex housemate Boma has apologized to the husband of his former housemate, Tega, for having an amorous relationship with her while they were in the house.

Boma in his interview with ClassicFM today, said he regrets the whole incident and that he is truly sorry. He maintained that his relationship with Tega while in the house was scripted as it all started in the house and ended there.

When asked if he is sorry about the whole incident, Boma said;

”Oh yes. Absoulutely. Like extremely sorry. I am sorry to the family of Tega, the husband , Angel. Like I had different kinds of circumstances in the house that just made me look like what I was not and people suddenly forgot about the happy moments which is life. But I am extremely sorry”

On his experience since leaving the house, Boma said he has come out to death threats. All kinds of craziness. You don’t even want to know what I have been through.

See the video of Boma apologizing to Tega’s husband


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