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Brief Biography Of A Nigerian Filmmaker, Jeta Amata

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Jeta Amata is a Nigerian filmmaker, Writer, Producer, and Director who was born on August 21, 1974 in Cross Rivers State of Nigeria, to a famous Veteran filmmaker and Actor Zack Amata. He is related to famous nollywood filmmakers, like Fred Amata his uncle, Ifoghale Amata and many others. Jeta studied in Benue state, Nigeria where he obtained a degree in Theater Art.

Below sections will enlighten you more about Jeta Amata, his career, Lifestyles and achievement.

Career And Achievement

In 1995, he produced and directed his first film at the age of 21. In 2003, he rose to global prominence when he produced a documentary for BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation) using Game of life as footage. Documentary. In 2003, he directed unconditional love, love Entangle, and dangerous desire all in that same year, he has gone on to produce, write, direct and feature in many movies since then.

Jeta Amata has won multiple awards which include the Grand jury prize for Best Screenplay in Black Gold (2011), and African Oscar for best film ( Black November 2015), and many more, he has also been nominated for different awards.

 Personal Lifestyles Of Jeta Amata

Jeta Amata once got married to Nollywood Actress Mbong in 2008, they gave birth to one beautiful daughter, Edherezeno Amata, the marriage later crashed, and later divorced in 2014.

He is currently married to Vanessa Teemsa, an Actress and Producer who co-produced some of his movies. They gave birth to a son, Kessiena Donald Amata in 2019.

Jeta Amata’s Awards

According to research, Jeta was appointed by the President of Haiti, Michel Joseph Martelly, as a Goodwill Ambassador to Haiti. Below are lists of Jeta’s awards and nomination in his acting careers;

  • Verona International African Film Festival, Best Film, Audience Award and Black November in 2011.
  • Also still in 2011, he won Monaco International Film Festival, Most Entertaining Film, Inale.
  • Copenhagen Nollywood Festival, Best Film, Black November in 2011
  • American Black Film Festival (ABFF), Best Director (nominated), Black November in 2011
  • American Black Film Festival (ABFF), Best Picture (nominated), Black November in 2011.
  • Nigerian Entertainment Awards, Best Film, Inale, 2011.
  • African Academy Movie Awards AAMA, Best Nigerian Film (nominated), Inale in  2011
  • In 2010, NFVSB Awards Nigeria, Best Film, Inale.
  • In 2009, he won Abuja International Film Festival, Audience Awards, Mary Slessor.
  • SIMA AWARDS, Best Director, The Amazing Grace in 2008
  • Screen Nations Awards, Best West African Film, The Amazing Grace in 2007
  • Nigeria Movie Awards NMA, Best Director (nominated), The Amazing Grace in 2007
  • Nigeria Movie Awards NMA, Best Picture (nominated), The Amazing Grace in 2007.
  • African Academy Movie Awards AAMA, Best Director (nominated), The Amazing Grace in 2006.
  • African Academy Movie Awards AAMA, Best Screenplay (nominated), The Amazing Grace in 2006.

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