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Yomi Casual Biography: Age, House, Cars, Wife, Net Worth, Baby Mama, Designs, Instagram, Brother, Siblings, Parents, Girlfriend

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In this blog post, we delve into the life of Yomi Casual, a prominent Nigerian fashion designer and entrepreneur. From his early life to his successful career, we will explore various aspects such as his net worth, family, social media presence, and more. So let’s get started!

Yomi Casual  Biography and Early Life:

Yomi Casual, whose real name is Olorunyomi Omoniyi Makun, was born on January 25, 1985, in Lagos, Nigeria. He hails from the Yoruba tribe and follows the Christian religion. Yomi Casual’s state of origin is Ondo State, Nigeria. Growing up, he displayed a keen interest in fashion, which eventually led him to pursue it as a career.

Yomi Casual  Educational Background:

Yomi Casual received his primary and secondary education in Lagos, Nigeria. While specific details about the schools he attended are not widely available, his passion for fashion continued to grow during his formative years.

Yomi Casual Career and Source of Wealth:

Yomi Casual made a name for himself in the fashion industry through his exceptional design skills and creativity. He launched his clothing line, Yomi Casual, which offers stylish and trendy outfits for both men and women. His unique designs quickly gained popularity, attracting a wide customer base.

Through his successful career as a fashion designer, Yomi Casual has amassed considerable wealth. While his exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, his entrepreneurial ventures and brand endorsements contribute significantly to his financial success.

Yomi Casual  Wife and Children:

Yomi Casual is happily married to Grace Onuoha. The couple tied the knot in October 2017, and their union has been blessed with two children. However, further details about his wife and children are not widely available.

Yomi Casual Social Media Presence:

Yomi Casual is active on social media platforms, including Instagram, where he shares his fashion designs, personal moments, and fashion inspiration. You can follow him on Instagram at @yomicasual.

Yomi Casual  House and Cars:

Yomi Casual’s success has afforded him a luxurious lifestyle. He owns an exquisite house, although the exact residential address is undisclosed for privacy and security reasons. Additionally, he owns several cars, showcasing his taste for luxury and style.


Yomi Casual’s journey from a young fashion enthusiast to a renowned fashion designer and entrepreneur is truly inspiring. His dedication and creativity have earned him a prominent place in the Nigerian fashion industry. With a thriving career, a loving family, and a substantial net worth, Yomi Casual continues to leave his mark in the fashion world. Follow him on Instagram to stay updated with his latest designs and fashion trends.

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