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Wynton Harvey Biography: Age, Mother, Father, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height, Pictures

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Wynton Harvey, a rising star in the entertainment industry, has captured the spotlight with his diverse talents as a comedian, actor, and television personality. His journey in the world of showbiz, enriched by his illustrious lineage as the son of Steve Harvey, is an inspiring tale of hard work and dedication.

Wynton Harvey’s Early Life and Education:

Born on July 18, 1997, in Atlanta, Georgia, Wynton Harvey was raised in a family steeped in entertainment. His father, the renowned Steve Harvey, and his mother, Mary Shackelford, both contributed to the entertainment realm. Wynton’s formative years were colored by his exposure to the world of humor and performance. He pursued his higher education at Morehouse College, where he focused on business and marketing studies.

Emergence in Entertainment:

Wynton Harvey burst onto the entertainment scene as a stand-up comedian, captivating audiences at various venues across Atlanta. His distinct comedic style, characterized by witty observations about everyday life, garnered him a dedicated following. His charisma and humor also found a platform on his father’s talk show, “Steve Harvey,” where he added a comedic touch to discussions on a range of subjects.

Venturing into Acting:

Beyond his prowess as a comedian, Wynton embarked on an acting journey. He made appearances in both television shows and films, including roles in “The Last O.G.” and “The Neighborhood.” His versatility extended to hosting, as evidenced by his role at the 2019 BET Awards.

Financial Milestones:

Wynton Harvey’s endeavors have led to a commendable net worth of approximately $1 million by 2023. This financial achievement is a testament to his multifaceted contributions as a comedian, actor, and television personality.

Wynton Harvey’s Personal Life and Values:

While Wynton values his privacy, he has openly discussed his close bond with his father, Steve Harvey. He attributes much of his career’s direction to his father’s influence. Education holds a special place in Wynton’s heart, and he emphasizes the significance of pursuing a college degree.

Inspiring the Next Generation:

Wynton Harvey’s journey serves as an inspiring example of how determination, passion, and family support can propel an individual to success. His rise in the entertainment industry showcases his unique humor and quick wit, promising continued entertainment for audiences worldwide.


Wynton Harvey’s ascent in the entertainment world reflects his dedication and the wisdom he has gained from his family. As he continues to shine on stage and screen, his journey encourages aspiring artists to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination and a touch of humor.



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