We Could Command the War in Ukraine to cease – Apostle Suleman

We Could Command the War in Ukraine to cease - Apostle Suleman

We Could Command the War in Ukraine to cease – Apostle Suleman

Ukraine has been invaded by Russian soldiers, according to the General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, who has requested for prayers.

In a video on his verified Facebook page, Apostle Suleman said, “We are going to command that war to cease, we are not negotiating.”

The cleric said that Ukraine is not the intended target of the war, but he did not specify which country was the intended target in order to prevent patriots from particular nations from being alarmed.

He said:

“Those who do not understand warfare are the ones worried about physical things. Every physical happening has a spiritual undertone.

“We are going to pray to the Lord to intervene, because what the enemy is intending… I’m not going to talk about that. Ukraine is not the target but I won’t talk about that so those living in certain countries won’t get afraid.”

“it is a premeditated thing that is being done to them.”

“We are praying for them, not just Ukraine, we are praying for Russia that God Almighty will intervene for the war to cease.

“When people become zealous towards destroying, it is not God, not the Holy Spirit (involved) but a demon. So don’t bother about the activities of the demon, stop the demon,”

He claims that he has being on a session for a couple of days as regarding ukraine’s situation, he also added that it is an insult to believers that such an attack is going on here in earth.

“That we are alive and this is going on is an insult to our existence as believers,” he said.

The clergyman then went on his knees to pray in front of a projector screen showing the map of Ukraine and Russia.

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