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Vivian Reddy Biography: Age, First Wife, Net Worth, Children, Cars, Son, Business, Tribe, Contact Details

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Vivian Reddy, a well-known South African businessman and internet personality, has made a significant mark in various industries, from electrical contracting to real estate and gaming. Born on February 22, 1953, in Greenwood Park, Durban, Reddy’s life story is one of perseverance, innovation, and success.

Vivian Reddy Early Life and Education

Growing up as part of a large family with nine siblings, Reddy’s father was a teacher. Despite the challenges of apartheid-era South Africa, Reddy’s determination shone through. At the age of 16, he represented his country at a Boy Scout Jamboree in Japan, where he had the unforgettable opportunity to meet his idol, Neil Armstrong.

After completing high school, Reddy initially pursued studies at Springfield Training College. However, he soon realized that his true passion lay in becoming an electrical engineer.

Vivian Reddy Career Beginnings and Edison Power Group

Reddy’s journey into the business world began when he founded Reddy’s Electrical, an electrical contracting firm, with a modest R500 loan and a borrowed bakkie. Over time, his dedication and hard work led to the transformation of his company into the renowned Edison Power Group. The company secured various government contracts, including projects involving smart electricity meters in Johannesburg.

While Edison Power Group gained recognition and success, it also faced challenges. An investigation in 2013 did not find any evidence of irregularities in a significant contract. However, a subsequent forensic investigation in 2017 revealed deviations from legislative and administrative regulations in a related contract.

Allegations and Political Involvement

In 2019, Reddy faced allegations of corruption, which also implicated former Free State Premier Ace Magashule. Reddy’s connections with former South African President Jacob Zuma are well-documented, as he joined Zuma’s political party, the African National Congress, in 1990.

Vivian Reddy Personal Life and Net Worth

Reddy’s personal life reflects his commitment to both family and success. He has three children from his first marriage to Mogi Naidoo: Yavini, a paediatrician, Shantan, and Kuber, an IT student. In 2003, he married his second wife, Sorisha Naidoo, a media personality and actress known for her role in “The Real Housewives of Durban.” Together, they have a son named Saihil and a daughter named Kalina.

Vivian Reddy’s entrepreneurial prowess and business ventures have contributed to his impressive net worth of $300 million. His journey, from establishing a small electrical contracting firm to overseeing a diverse range of interests, showcases the power of determination and innovation in achieving success.

In conclusion

Vivian Reddy’s life story is one of overcoming challenges, seizing opportunities, and making a lasting impact on various industries. His journey from modest beginnings to becoming a prominent businessman and public figure is an inspiring testament to the potential for success that lies within us all.

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