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Video: Rema – Charm

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A brand-new song titled “Charm” has been released by Nigerian Afro-rave musician Rema. This comes after his previous single, “Holiday”, which was released a few months ago and enjoyed tremendous success.


With the release of his most recent single, “Charm“, afrobeat prodigy Rema has continued to display his extraordinary talent. Read on as we present a comprehensive breakdown of the song’s lyrics and themes as we attentively examine the lyrics. Let’s explore the world of “Charm” and discover the meaning behind this mesmerizing song by Nigerian superstar Rema.

Rema establishes the mood right away with a lively start that alluded to the song’s contagious vitality. He asks the woman of his adoration what’s bothering her in the pre-chorus and appeals to her to let loose and vibe. She may be more experienced than him, and he really doesn’t mind, but he boldly says that he has more money than her father, underscoring his ability to support her. Then, likening her defenses to body armor, Rema implores her to remove them.

Notably, Rema continues to create music in Nigeria that has an original twist on Afro-Pop. Charm, which is a terrific and lovely song, will be played nonstop on the streets for months. The solo single – “Charm by Rema” – is unquestionably one of the best songs of the year, and it deserves praise.

Remarkably, the mind behind the creation of this music is Nigerian producer London, who is well renowned for creating and crafting the most exquisite sounds. It’s quite amazing to see that after having great success with the featured Selena Gomez‘s “Calm Down” Remix, Rema uses this solo single to further show off and establish his prowess in creating a smash hit.

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