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Uzor Arukwe Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Married, Family, State of Origin, Cars, House, Movies, Career

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Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, has produced several talented actors who have captivated audiences with their performances. Uzor Arukwe, a popular actor born on August 6, 1983, is one such talent. Known for his notable role as Inspector Sam in the 2017 film “Sergent Tutu,” Uzor Arukwe has gained recognition and acclaim in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Let’s delve into the life and achievements of this gifted actor from Abia State.

Uzor Arukwe Early Life and Education:

Uzor Arukwe was born in Lagos State, Nigeria, to Mr. and Mrs. Arukwe. Although his parents hail from Abia State, located in Nigeria’s South Eastern region, Uzor spent his childhood in Lagos.

He completed his elementary education in Lagos before moving to Port Harcourt, where he enrolled in the Nigerian Navy School for his secondary education. After completing his secondary schooling, Uzor returned to his home state and pursued a bachelor’s degree in economics at Abia State University. Determined to further his education, he later obtained a master’s degree from a university in Calabar.

Uzor Arukwe Career:

Uzor Arukwe made his debut in Nollywood in 2014 with a role in the film “Unspoken Truth.” However, it was his portrayal of Inspector Sam in the film “Sergent Tutu” that brought him widespread recognition and acclaim. He further solidified his position in the industry with his role as a private investigator in the 2019 film “Code Wilo.” Uzor’s exceptional talent and versatility as an actor earned him two nominations for the 2020 African Magic Viewers’ Choice Award in the category of “Best Actor in Comedy or Movie,” for his performances in the films “Size 12” and “Smash.”

Uzor Arukwe Personal Life:

While Uzor Arukwe prefers to keep his personal life private, it is known that he is happily married and has a beautiful family. However, he has chosen not to disclose the identity of his wife.

Uzor Arukwe  Net Worth:

Uzor Arukwe has established himself as a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. With his talent and successful acting career, he has accumulated an estimated net worth of $100,000.


Uzor Arukwe, the talented Nigerian actor, has left an indelible mark on Nollywood through his remarkable performances. From his early beginnings in Lagos to his rise to fame in the Nigerian film industry, Uzor’s journey is a testament to his dedication and passion for his craft. As he continues to entertain audiences with his acting prowess, we eagerly await his future projects. Follow Uzor Arukwe on Instagram @uzor.arukwe to stay updated on his latest endeavors in the world of Nigerian cinema.

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