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Tuti Vibes International Badboy Mp3 Download: Tuti Vibes took a sabbatical from music in order to focus on his studies and, most importantly, to rediscover himself.
As an artist, Emmanuel Ayuk “Tuti Vibes” has a mixed tale. Emotionally, when I think about where I am now and how far I might have gone if I kept doing music nonstop, I pause for a second and just say “Thank God I’m still here and kicking.”

I’ve realized that everything occurs for a purpose; my hiatus from music wasn’t for nothing, and being in that situation, I realized that only nature knows why.

BadBoy International is a musical about bad boys from all over the world (The EP)

Tuti Vibes International Badboy: Even though I was on break, I continued to record. One of the things that kept me going was music. For nearly three years, the EP “International BadBoy Musical” has been in the works. I’d just recently come to grips with the fact that I should release the music rather than listening to it alone and letting it go to waste.

Listen To: Kabex | Winner

During my service year, I was given the moniker “international bad guy,” and I chose to name my body of work after it when I returned.

I just wanted my friends and followers to appreciate a little of the wonderful news I’m carrying to the next chapter, so I made a tape that highlights some of my experiences over the previous 6 years.



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