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Top 10 Most Popular Sound Effects

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Searching for the lists of the most popular sound effects?

Luckily, this webpage has the updated list of ten popular sound effects.

There are many popular sound effects used in various media, including movies, TV shows, video games, and music. Some of the most popular sound effects include:

1. Explosion

Explosions are commonly used in action movies, video games, and war movies to add excitement and drama to a scene.

2. Gunshot

Gunshots are often used in action movies, westerns, and crime dramas to create tension and suspense.

3. Thunder

Thunder is commonly used in horror movies and thrillers to create a creepy and ominous atmosphere.

4. Scream

Screams are frequently used in horror movies and suspense thrillers to heighten the audience’s fear and tension.

5. Animal sounds

Animal sounds, such as barks, growls, and roars, are often used in movies, TV shows, and video games to add realism and depth to a scene.

6. Car engine revving

Car engine revving is often used in action movies and car chase scenes to add excitement and intensity to the scene.

7. Breaking glass

Breaking glass is commonly used in movies and TV shows to create a dramatic effect, such as during a fight scene or a burglary.

8. Crowd cheering

Crowd cheering is frequently used in sports events, concerts, and political rallies to create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm.

9. Door creaking

A creaky door is a classic horror movie sound effect used to create a spooky atmosphere.

10. Sci-fi sounds

Sci-fi sounds, such as laser blasts, teleportation sounds, and space ship engine hums, are often used in science fiction movies and TV shows to add a futuristic and otherworldly feel to a scene.


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