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Sue Bownds Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Daughter, Son, Wikipedia, Instagram, Height

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Sue Bownds is a renowned celebrity mother and dog handler hailing from Australia. Widely recognized as the mother of Rebel Wilson, the famous actress, comedian, singer, writer, and producer, Sue gained public attention through her daughter’s remarkable success. Let’s delve into the life and career of Sue Bownds, the woman behind the star, and her own accomplishments as a dedicated dog handler.

Sue Bownds Early Life and Passion for Dogs:

Born and raised in Australia, Sue Bownds was lovingly nicknamed “Nangunyah” by her parents, reflecting her family’s deep-rooted affinity for dogs that spanned four generations. Her great-grandparents, who emigrated from England to New Zealand, were renowned dog judges. Throughout her life, Sue has harbored a profound love for animals, especially dogs, which eventually led her to pursue a career as a professional dog trainer.

Sue Bownds Career as a Dog Handler:

Sue Bownds’ expertise in handling dogs led her to make a mark in the dog show community. With more than four decades of experience in the field, she began her journey in 1980 as a licensed dog handler. Over the years, Sue has earned widespread recognition and numerous accolades for her exceptional skills in presiding over dog shows. Her passion and dedication to her profession have solidified her reputation as a respected and accomplished dog handler.

Sue Bownds Personal Life and Tragic Loss:

In 1961, Sue Bownds found love and companionship with Jack Bounds, with whom she shared many precious moments. After dating for a while, they tied the knot in 1976 and were blessed with several children. Among them was Rebel Wilson, who would later achieve international fame as an actress. Tragically, Sue’s world was shattered when her beloved spouse passed away in 2010, leaving her heartbroken. Despite the loss, she remained a devoted and loving mother to her children, including Rebel.

Sue Bownds Rebel Wilson’s Rise to Stardom:

As Rebel Wilson’s star began to rise in the entertainment industry, Sue Bownds found herself in the spotlight as a celebrity mother. Her unwavering support and encouragement contributed to Rebel’s success, and she remained a constant pillar of strength throughout her daughter’s journey to stardom. Despite the fame and attention, Sue managed to keep her personal life private, protecting her family from unnecessary intrusion.

Sue Bownds Net Worth:

Sue Bownds, with her successful career as a dog handler and her involvement in the world of celebrities through Rebel Wilson, has amassed a net worth of $200,000. However, it’s clear that her true wealth lies in the love and bond she shares with her family, especially her children.


Sue Bownds, the loving mother of Rebel Wilson and a distinguished dog handler, exemplifies dedication and passion in both her personal and professional life. Her journey from a dog-loving family to a respected figure in the world of dog shows showcases her unwavering commitment to her interests. As a proud and supportive mother, Sue played an instrumental role in Rebel’s rise to stardom, making her an integral part of her daughter’s success story.

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