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How To Start A Business In Selling Cell Phones In Ghana

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Are you interested in knowing how to start cell phone business in Ghana? Then, this article is for you.
The widespread in the technology world today cannot be underestimated, without any doubt, an average Ghanaian own at least a phone to himself/herself despite the hard economy.
Of course there are different types of mobile phones and they are in different ranges and that is why there are different categories of phone users In setting up a cell phone business, the following must be aware of:
The phone users: This can be categorized into two major groups.
The light phone users: the ones using phone just to make and receive calls –
The heavy phone users: these are the people using mobile phones for advanced activities such as browsing, photography, exhibitions etc
Types of phone:
This can also be summarized into two main categories
-Non-browsing phones.
-Browsing phones.
The Non-browsing phones are the common ones you find with the unlearned people, little children etc.
However, quite a lot of elites and adults too use such phones mostly as backups for their browsing phones.
A common/popular name you can call the browsing phones is Smartphone.
The followings will help you tailor your plan of owning a mobile phone business.
Starting Your Cell Phone Business
In starting your mobile phone business, you need to consider certain things such as market survey, it is important that you move round the location you have sighted for your cell phone business, study the people in the environment, if you are not residing in Ghana, you need to get a trust worthy person who is conversant with the nooks and crannies of the location, this will help you know the kind of phones you should stock your shop with.
Fund for Your Cell Phone
Setting up a mobile phone shop can be more fund
demanding, however; you can get through in this cell
phone business if you so desire to own a mobile phone
shop, this you can do by approaching a loan firm, in
Ghana today, acquiring a soft loan is more easier,
firms/banks like LAPO Microfinance, etc can loan you
an amount to start your mobile phone business with.
Another way you can fulfill your dream of owning a
mobile phone business is by identifying some of your
relatives who you know can raise you some few
Accessories are the handy items that usually come with
mobile phones such as battery, pouch, earpiece,
charger, case etc all these are a great way of setting up
your mobile phone shop and the good news about this
is that, many of these accessories are very cheap to
buy, they are not as expensive as mobile phones.
Becoming an authorized mobile phone dealer is a great
way of venturing and enjoying a smooth ride in mobile
phone business, you don’t need to have a huge capital
to get this established, the sure way of becoming a
mobile phone dealer is by contacting the mobile phone
company, it is through them you will be connect to
mobile phone distributors, you don’t need to have
millions to get started, all you need to do is to
get your well structured business proposal, ask
questions on how you can write a convincing one, you
can search the internet for samples, once you are
through with this, book an appointment with your
mobile phone company for a discussion on your
prospective cell phone business and you will be
surprised that becoming a mobile phone dealer is not
as difficult as many think it is.
The location of your mobile phone shop is very
paramount if you must make a mark in the cell phone
business, a phone seller/distributor or dealer cannot
choose a solitary place as the shop, this will definitely
jeopardize the smooth running of the business, the
reason is because, this kind of business focuses on the
trooping in and out of passersby, hence; the location of
your business must be strategically chosen.
Also, social media should be one of your topmost way of
advertising your product, with little amount of money, you
can build a website or blog for your business where
people can view what you have in stock on your
website and place orders.
There are lots of bloggers
and website designers around who can build you a well
constructed blog or website for your mobile phones
business using great artistic features for you. With this,
your sale will dramatically boost up and you will watch
your cell phone business grow rapidly.
In Ghana, there are lot of folks that feel great by the
type of the phone they handle, it will interest you to
know that, some folks can starve themselves just
because they want to get a phone that they believe will
reveal them as a prestigious person.
Another way they
portray this is by ordering phones online, funny enough,
this kind of attitude silently puts money into the pocket
of the phone sellers, it is then a wise thing for you to
also find your way into this great business and pull your
raw cash.
Another reason you need an internet based marketing
system is because there are lots of people that cannot
stand the stress of going into shops to get mobile
phones, they prefer placing order for their mobile
phones from the comfort of their homes, what are you
still waiting for? Take advantage of these opportunities
and smile to the bank.
Cell phone business remains a very lucrative business
of all time.
You should not allow the expected cash flow in this
business to overwhelm you to have forgotten the aspect
of getting a location for your cell phone business, if you
are the type that you are the one that owns your place
of residence and if fortunately its located in a busy
environment then you can be sure that, the money for
renting a space to put up your mobile phone shops is
out of yourcell phone business plan.
Charges for renting space differ by the location, cities or
You can gently walk into some outlet owned by some
specific mobile phone makers/manufacturers such as
Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Lenovo, LG, Doogee etc,
some of these household name manufacturers have
outlets in big cities.
If you can take a bold step, you will discover
that many of them are more than willing to partner with
upcoming phone dealers.
SLOT is also a popular mobile phone outlet where you
can get your phones into your shop.
Also if you are the
type that is familiar with buying things online; there are
hundreds of stores outside Ghana that are always
ready to sell goods to buyers from around the world.
However, that might be risky.
Now that you have fulfilled the fundamental aspect of
your cell phone business, it is important for you to know
that you need some creative ways of displaying your
goods in such a way that it will capture the attention of
the passers by this you need to do by getting a beautiful
and bright show glass that will present your mobile
phones neat and inviting to your prospective buyers.
Another important thin g in your cell phone business is
easy pricing of your goods, mobile phone is generally
believed to be an expensive kind of product, therefore,
you can price-tag your phones for easy patronage, one
of the advantage of placing price tag on your mobile
phones is that, your prospective buyers may not bother
bargaining, they will just check the features of their
selected phones, once they are pleased with it, they will
just go ahead and pay you.

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