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Show Dem Camp (SDC) Biography: Members, Age, Wife, Tribe, Nationality, Record Label, Albums, Songs

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Show Dem Camp (SDC) is a renowned Nigerian rap duo comprised of Wale Davies, also known as Tec, and Olumide Ayeni, known as Ghost. With their unique blend of rap styles and thought-provoking lyrics, SDC has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene. Let’s delve into their inspiring journey from diverse beginnings to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

 Show Dem Camp Early Life and Formation:

Tec and Ghost, originally from Nigeria, spent their formative years growing up across various European cities and the United States. Their exposure to different cultures and experiences shaped their artistic outlook. Eventually, their paths led them back to Lagos, Nigeria, where they embarked on their musical career.

The Birth of Show Dem Camp:

Tec and Ghost, both talented solo rap artists, had a serendipitous encounter, discovering they shared the same stage name, “Golden Child.” This meeting marked the beginning of a remarkable partnership. After exploring different stage names like Loose Cannonz and Third Eye Renegades, they settled on “Show Dem Camp,” a name that embodied their artistic prowess.

Diverse Collaborations and Musical Evolution:

SDC not only established themselves as skilled rappers but also expanded their horizons by collaborating with a range of Alté artists. Their ability to seamlessly blend their rap style with various musical influences set them apart. Collaborations with artists like Tems, BOJ, Odunsi The Engine, and others showcased their versatility and creativity.

From Solo Artists to Record Label Owners:

Transitioning from solo careers, Tec and Ghost embraced a new role as record label owners. Their debut mixtape, “Clone Wars Vol. 1,” released in 2010, showcased their raw talent and laid the foundation for a series of successful albums. This move demonstrated their commitment to pushing creative boundaries and nurturing emerging talent.

 Show Dem Camp Impact and Net Worth:

With an impressive net worth of $5 million, Show Dem Camp’s influence and impact on the Nigerian music scene continue to grow stronger. Their journey from solo artists to a dynamic rap duo and now record label owners underscores their dedication to the craft and their determination to make a lasting mark.


Show Dem Camp’s journey from diverse beginnings to becoming a powerhouse in Nigerian rap exemplifies their dedication, versatility, and commitment to musical excellence. Tec and Ghost’s ability to seamlessly blend their rap style with various genres, coupled with their role as record label owners, cements their status as an influential and enduring force in the music industry.

Connect with Show Dem Camp on social media: Twitter: @showDemCamp Instagram: showdemcamp

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