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Prof. Kayode Adebowale Biography: Age, Wife, UI VC, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Children, Tribe, Family, State of Origin, Cars

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Pastor Tunde Bakare is a renowned Nigerian religious leader, entrepreneur, and social activist. With a remarkable career spanning decades, he has made significant contributions to society through his religious ministry and various philanthropic endeavors. This blog post delves into the life of Pastor Tunde Bakare, his family, net worth, career, and more.

Prof. Kayode Adebowale  Biography and Wiki:

Pastor Tunde Bakare was born on November 11, 1954, in Nigeria. He grew up in Lagos and displayed a passion for leadership and public service from an early age. Throughout his life, he has remained dedicated to his mission of spiritual guidance, uplifting communities, and advocating for positive change.

Prof. Kayode Adebowale Wife and Children:

Pastor Tunde Bakare is happily married to his wife, Mrs. Olayide Bakare. Together, they have been blessed with children, although specific details about their names and backgrounds remain undisclosed

Prof. Kayode Adebowale Net Worth:

While Pastor Tunde Bakare’s exact net worth is not publicly known, he has amassed substantial wealth through various sources, including his ministry, business ventures, and investments. His net worth reflects his success and influence in both religious and entrepreneurial realms.

IProf. Kayode Adebowale nstagram and Social Media Channels:

Pastor Tunde Bakare actively engages with his followers on social media platforms. While he may have an Instagram account and other social media channels, it’s recommended to search for his official accounts to ensure authenticity.

Prof. Kayode Adebowale Girlfriend:

As a devoted family man, Pastor Tunde Bakare is committed to his marriage and does not have a girlfriend. His primary focus lies in his religious duties and supporting his family.

Prof. Kayode Adebowale House and Cars:

Pastor Tunde Bakare has achieved considerable success, but specific details about his residential properties and car collection are not widely available. As a public figure, he prioritizes privacy and may choose to keep such information undisclosed.

Prof. Kayode Adebowale Real Name: “

Pastor Tunde Bakare” is the commonly known and used name for this esteemed religious leader. It is his authentic name that he uses both professionally and personally.

Prof. Kayode Adebowale Tribe and Religion:

Pastor Tunde Bakare belongs to the Yoruba tribe, one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria. He practices Christianity and is a devoted Christian leader, offering spiritual guidance to his followers.

Prof. Kayode Adebowale State of Origin:

Pastor Tunde Bakare hails from Nigeria, and his state of origin is Ogun State. He has consistently shown a commitment to his homeland and has actively participated in various initiatives to improve the nation’s well-being.

Prof. Kayode Adebowale Residential House Address:

Due to security and privacy concerns, Pastor Tunde Bakare’s residential address is not disclosed to the public. This is to ensure his safety and protect his family’s privacy.

Prof. Kayode Adebowale Educational Background and Schools Attended:

Pastor Tunde Bakare received his early education in Nigeria. He attended All Saints Primary School in Kemta, Abeokuta, and later proceeded to Lisabi Grammar School, Abeokuta. He furthered his studies at the University of Lagos, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Law. He is known for his intellectual prowess and insightful teachings.

Prof. Kayode Adebowale Career and Source of Wealth:

Pastor Tunde Bakare’s career is primarily centered around his religious ministry. He founded The Citadel Global Community Church (formerly known as Latter Rain Assembly) and serves as the Senior Pastor. Additionally, he has been actively involved in advocating for good governance and socioeconomic development in Nigeria. Through his ministry and other business ventures, Pastor Tunde Bakare has acquired wealth and continues to impact lives positively.


Pastor Tunde Bakare’s life and achievements are an inspiration to many. His unwavering dedication to his faith, commitment to societal development, and philanthropic endeavors have made him a highly respected figure in Nigeria and beyond. While specific details about his personal life may not be extensively available, his impact on religious, social, and entrepreneurial spheres is undeniable

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