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Papa Ajasco Biography: Age, Femi Ogunrombi, Wife, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Family, Children, State of Origin, Movies

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Femi Ogunrombi, professionally known as Papa Ajasco, was a beloved veteran Nigerian actor and comedian who brought joy and laughter to millions through his iconic role in the television show “Papa Ajasco.” On January 14, 2023, the entertainment industry mourned the loss of this talented individual. Let us take a moment to remember the life and achievements of Femi Ogunrombi, a remarkable artist and entertainer.

Early Life and Education:

Femi Ogunrombi was raised in Ille-Ife, a town in Ogun State, Nigeria. However, he later moved to Abeokuta in pursuit of his dreams. Initially, Femi aspired to become a medical nurse and underwent training at the General Hospital Ikeja in Lagos. Despite his initial path, he soon realized his true passion lay in the arts, prompting him to abandon his nursing career and pursue a future in entertainment.

Career and Achievements:

Femi Ogunrombi, also known as Papa Ajasco, gained fame for his portrayal of the title character in the immensely popular television series produced by Wale Adenuga. His comedic timing and acting prowess endeared him to audiences across Nigeria. Femi was not only an actor but also a talented singer and highlife musician. His multifaceted skills earned him the nickname “Uncle Ogurombo.”

Throughout his illustrious career spanning over three decades, Papa Ajasco held several notable positions. He served as the music director for Nigeria’s National Troupe and the director of studies at the Pencil Film & Television Institute. Femi’s dedication to his craft and his ability to bring characters to life on screen made him a beloved figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Personal Life and Legacy:

Femi Ogunrombi, also known as Papa Ajasco, was a private individual when it came to his personal life. Not much information has been revealed about his family or his exact date of birth. However, it is known that he was a married man.

On January 14, 2023, the news of Femi Ogunrombi’s passing shook the entertainment industry and his fans. Husseini Shaibu, a theater professional, delivered the heartbreaking announcement of his demise. Femi’s legacy will forever be tied to his memorable role as Papa Ajasco in the renowned Nigerian TV series produced by Wale Adenuga.


Femi Ogunrombi, popularly known as Papa Ajasco, will be remembered as a talented actor, comedian, and musician who brought laughter and joy to audiences. His contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry have left an indelible mark. Although he is no longer with us, his performances will continue to entertain and bring smiles to the faces of people for generations to come. Rest in peace, Papa Ajasco.

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