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Mohammed Fawehinmi Biography: Age, Profile, Net Worth & Death

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The news of Mohammed Fawehinmi’s passing has left many in shock and grief. As the eldest son of the renowned Gani Fawehinmi, he was a prominent public figure. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some key facts about his life and achievements.

Mohammed Fawehinmi  Early Life and Education:

Mohammed Fawehinmi was born on February 21, 1969. He began his educational journey at Kotun Memorial School in Surulere, Lagos, for his primary education. Later, he attended Federal Government College in Sokoto for his secondary education.

Mohammed Fawehinmi  University Years:

In 1991, Mohammed graduated from the University of Lagos, having pursued a degree in Business Administration. He then went on to further his education in law, obtaining an LLB degree from the University of Buckingham, England.

Mohammed Fawehinmi  Legal Career:

After completing his legal studies, he was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1998. He embarked on a legal career that would follow in his father’s footsteps, upholding justice and defending the rights of others.


The passing of Mohammed Fawehinmi is a great loss to the nation. His contributions to the legal profession and society will be remembered and cherished. Let us take a moment to mourn the departure of this remarkable individual and keep his legacy alive by continuing to stand up for justice and fairness in our own lives. May his soul rest in peace.

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