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Madam Social Biography: Age, Husband, Religion, Real Name, Pictures, Net Worth, Death

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In the heart of Anambra State, Nigeria, a remarkable woman named Mama Roseline Onwujekwe, known by her stage name Madam Social, brought smiles and laughter to people’s faces. Born on July 17, 1940, in Nri, Anambra State, she later married in Nibo, also in Anambra State. Madam Social captured hearts with her infectious comedy and unique talent, gaining fame after a video of her hilarious performance went viral on social media. Let’s take a closer look at the life and impact of this beloved Nigerian comedienne.

Early Life and Journey to Stardom:

Madam Social hailed from Anambra State in the southeastern region of Nigeria. Though details about her education remain scarce, she displayed an exceptional knack for bringing joy to others through her comedic abilities. Prior to her comedy career, she served as a civil servant, and after retiring, she ventured into the kerosene selling business. Little did she know that her life was about to take a delightful turn.

Rise to Fame and Comic Persona:

With the guidance of @McShade, possibly her grandchild or nephew, Madam Social’s online presence flourished. MCShade expertly managed her social media accounts, helping her share her unique brand of humor with the world. Madam Social’s comedic style mostly involved offering advice in a humorous manner, resonating with a wide audience. Her engaging and witty videos garnered a substantial following, and she even received a nomination for Comedian of the Year in the Entertainment category by SUNCity Africa.

Net Worth and Personal Life:

Mama Social’s talent not only brought smiles but also financial success. Her estimated net worth was around $3,500, a testament to her influence and popularity. However, amidst her achievements, a challenging health issue arose. Though specifics were unclear, it seemed that Madam Social faced difficulties related to her hearing and speech. This led her to take a break from social media, illustrating her dedication to her art and her ability to connect with her audience.

A Bittersweet Farewell:

Regrettably, the world lost a shining star when Mama Roseline Onwujekwe, Madam Social, passed away. As of now, the cause of her death remains undisclosed. Her departure left a void in the hearts of her fans and the entertainment industry. Her legacy, however, lives on through her videos and the joy she spread to countless individuals.


Mama Roseline Onwujekwe, or Madam Social, emerged from humble beginnings in Anambra State, Nigeria, to become a beloved comedienne and actress. Through her distinctive approach to comedy and her ability to make people laugh, she brought light into many lives. Her journey from a civil servant to an internet sensation serves as an inspiring example of the power of passion and humor. While she may have left this world, the memory of her laughter-inducing performances will continue to resonate with all those who had the privilege of experiencing her comedic genius.

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